June 12, 2012

touché love, touché

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future lately and how it is exactly going to shape into it’s ‘happily ever after’ form. And with all of the recent life changes I’ve been experiencing lately I think these thoughts might be appropriate?

Boyfriend and I have been together for three solid years now. And when I say solid I mean like rock solid. But being with someone for that long present’s opportunity to take them and the relationship for granted, which I have. Until now! I recently moved back to my hometown and the boy stayed in Lexington (which isn’t that far away in all reality) but it made me realize that being able to see him everyday wasn’t a burden but a privilege.

I’ve taken some time to picture my life without him and the picture I see is not a pretty one. Actually it is downright hideous. It’s nice having someone to lean on that you always know no matter the circumstance will be there, someone that is your better half (married or not) that also stands as a best friend, someone that makes every bad day a good one just by one little hug and an ‘I love you’. Being someone’s someone … Well those are some big shoes to fill in my opinion and I have picked the best guy I know to fill those shoes in my life.

Loving and being loved is really special. I’m personally glad that love just recently kicked my little behind into gear and made me realize what on Earth I’d been missing. Evan isn’t just plain ole’ Evan. He’s Evan the guy I love, when I’m with him that is my ‘happy place’. So if I ever ask anyone to take me to my happy place now you know where to drop me off. Almost every little girl’s dream is to fall in love or to become Britney Spears (or Kristen Stewart in my case) but I think I’d pick love over that any day. So all that dreaming when I was little finally paid off and now I know what it’s like and I say touché love, you’re pretty awesome thanks for introducing me to the best guy I know.

May 2, 2012

seven questions via gentri lee

I love questionnaires just as much as the next gal so I have finally decided to join in the weekly seven questions with gentri mainly because I just really love the questions this week and I always find myself practically brain dead at the end of finals week that leads to writers block. Death to you finals week ... death!

We are supposed to post a funny photo with our questions but I just discovered this hideous attempt of my one time roommate and I rapping to none other than N'Sync. Rapping and N'Sync? Two words that should never be combined. Enjoy anyway.

Now on to questions:

1. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
I would have to say Friday, Friday, Fridayyyyy. It's a good day to end the week and I know the next day I can sleep in. That is the BEST feeling.
2. If you decided to change your name, what would you change it to?
This is really hard for me because I'm always thinking of names for pets, babies, myself, etc etc etc but I have always loved Ellen and Nora is my new favorite. Oh and Jane! See? It is a real issue.
3. What is one product you use (it can be for anything) that you feel is a miracle worker?
I cannot go a day without using my CARMEX. I have the worst problem with dry lips and no other chapstick seems to work like carmex does. It is my daily life saver for sure.
4. High heels, flats, sneakers, or boots?
Hmmm, flats! You can wear them in the Summer or Winter and in all different patterns. Now I want to go buy tons of flats.
5. You see your favorite celebrity (it can be any kind of celebrity- movie star, singer, writer, political leader, blogger) walking down the street, what do you do?
Well, I would like to think that I would calmly and rationally walk up to them and say, "Hello my name is Katie, I love you, can we be best buds?" But, I would probably turn tomato red, chicken out, try to sneak a paparazzi style picture, and run away thinking that I am way to underdressed to meet them right now. Excuses, excuses, excuses!
6. If you could pick one item to never have to pay for again, what would it be?
Dinner. Or food in general. I love to go out to eat but it is just so darn expensive these days to eat. Seriously!
7. What was your favorite tv show or movie growing up?
I clearly remember whining my way into getting to see the Lion King in theatres an abundant amount of times. I loved pretty much all the Disney Movies. And Mary-Kate & Ashley? Well, lets just say I still own majority of their movies.

April 30, 2012

life via instagram

sandals//new flower pin//cute baby grins//blog updates

new shirt//peanuts//floral shoes//handsome boyfriend

how many of you have instagram? follow me: @kat_fish

April 26, 2012

awkward and awesome



-recently going to McDonald's drive thru, ordering, paying, and then see ya McDonald's you can keep the food and delicious sweet tea I just ordered and drove off without. no problem.

-after leaving my McDonald's behind smart and attentive little me did not notice I was without food and drink until arriving at my apartment and yes I asked my dog why she let me forget. doesn't everyone talk to their dog and expect an answer?

-seeing someone's car with a Kansas, Florida, AND UK basketball sticker. can't just pick one can ya?

-standing behind a lady in the fresh fruit smoothie line and hearing her ask if she could add hot fudge to her mixed berry smoothie. excuse me ma'am?


-possibly going to the beach. ahhh, I'm already dreaming about it.

-blogger now has spell check for posts. thank goodness, I was getting really tired of having to open word to check my spelling on words I cannot spell.

-recently I've gotten quite a few new items of clothing. new clothing really puts a pep in my step. especially spring clothes.

-college is over in t-minus 6 days. weights are slowly but surely being lifted I can feel it.

-saul's big breakfast at saul goods. had this last night. delicious. this may have added a few weights back in different places on my body.

April 25, 2012

here's too ...

Payphone (Ft. Wiz Khalifa) by Maroon 5 on Grooveshark

Graduating in ten short days. Say what?

Possibly hitting the beach in a few short weeks with boyfriend.

No longer paying for overpriced parking to attend unwanted classes.

Summer clothes, shoes, sunshine, nights out .. heac here's to SUMMER!

Zaxby's kick hiney sweet tea. Keep it up guys, keep it up.

Jennifer Lawrence. Yes, I just went and hung out with her and Peeta again at the Hunger Games. I like to think we could be best friends. J-Law and K-fish? It could work.

Payphone. The song. Adam Levine? Perfection!

Two blog posts in a row. This hasn't happend since ... February? Just slapped myself on the wrist.

April 24, 2012

best decision I ever made


It's been awhile since I have done a post you guys. There is a very good reason for that: college takes over my life and that little cutie you see up there, Janis. As you all know I have been training a service dog throughout the semester and now it is, unfortunately, over. Now that it has ended I'm going to take a minute and reflect via posting with you all.

I have been apart of many things throughout my life but I have to say being part of 4paws for Ability has been the best decision I've made in awhile. It started because I love dogs and wanted the opportunity to have one for a semester. Well, it ended up being much more than that. Yes I got so attached to my little Janis that I cried for days when she had to go but having the satisfaction of knowing that I and everyone else who did the program have contributed to her and the other dogs going on to help some little child is the best feeling in the world.

I now want a dog of my own more than ever. Good thing college is almost over right? I highly suggest that if you don't know what these dogs do or are capable of .. look it up! It's amazing and their ability to help handicapped children, adults or regular ol' folk like me is incredible and they'll melt your heart more than the average dog. Trust me.

Now that my experience with them is over I will always use what I have learned and carry the memories forever. Hands down ... best semester ever.

Graduation anyone? I'm glad to be back!

March 19, 2012

sometimes ...


... Spring comes early and it makes everything better.
... It's Monday and you know at 8:00 the Voice comes on!
... You have an awesome boyfriend that cooks you yummy dinners. (I have one of those)
... You take a pattern mixing risk and it turns out to be a nice walk on the wild side.
... Going shopping proves to be a disappointment because you can't seem to find anything you're willing to spend money on.
... There is only six weeks left of your college career and you're happy and scared and maybe a little sad (that's just a little).
... Someone (me) vows to eat healthier and then realizes that she's gonna miss fast food a lot more than she thought. Stupid convenience and cheap factor.
... Even though you miss fast food you still don't give in. Yipee!

March 15, 2012

awkward & awesome


-going into Wendy's and accidently ordering a triple ginormous cheeseburger instead of my desired chicken sandwich. Thank goodness for reorder and refund.
-walking in heels. enough said.
-pulling up next to someone on the road (at a red light) where you both have your windows down and music up. then comes that moment when you look at each other and simultaneously reach for the volume knob and become embarrassed of whatever song you were previously 'jammin' too.
-the people that I work with thinking that it is odd that they are sore after taking an exercise class. uh, hello, that means you actually GOT some exercise.

-next friday I get my Janis back. I've been missing that ball of fluff.
-friday, as in tomorrow's friday, I'm going shopping!!! that hasn't happened in decades so I have plenty of leftover Christmas money to spend. heac yeah!
-I wore no pants yesterday .... (because I wore a dress) yes people it is that warm in the bluegrass state. spring = 1 winter = 0.
-mcdonalds has a reese mcflurry now? yes! I'm behind the times but this is great news.
-twilight breaking dawn, part 2 sneak peek on march 20 and hunger games on the 23. here comes the happy dance!

March 13, 2012

girl crush

I think I have mentioned before who my style inspirations are but just in case I didn't I'll remind you. So first I'll start with a warning. That warning being that the first person I'm going to mention probably isn't to many people's style inspiration. But I love her and her weird, quirky, and awkward self. And I most definitely have a girl crush on Bella Swan aka Kristen Stewart. I admire people that can pull off that casual, bed hed, don't care kinda style and she does it great. Nobody can wear a t-shirt and jeans like that girl. And, did I mention I would love to have her hair and eyes? I would. I think I like her style so much because she is so different from me but deep down inside I would like to dress in that comfy casual style that she does. Thank goodness I can pretend to live fashionably risky through KStew. And, having Rob Pattinson on her arm doesn't hurt, right?

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

Second, we have Reese Witherspoon. I wish I was her best friend or twin sister? I would take either of those options. Her simplistic yet chic style has always been an inspiration to me. I love simplicity and comfort and in she always seems to have that 'cute mom on the go' aura about her. If you don't like Reese then who do ya like? I would basically like to morph reese and kristen into one person and make that ME! It wouldn't hurt to combine their bank accounts into one and make it mine too so that I could achieve my fashion dreams. Dream Katie Dream. I know!

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

Who are your fashion inspirations?

March 12, 2012

life via instagram

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Hey guys! It's Spring Break (and, I'm at work?) but I am also getting the chance to update you all on my life in the past few weeks via my INSTAgram. Which is a first for me! I've had it for awhile but just now got into using it. The past few weeks have been filled up with homework, tests, Malone's, Janis Joplin (my new 4paws dog), date nights, yummy donuts, and cute shoes. Sounds fun right? I plan on blogging, blogging, and blogging some more this week. So get your blog reading pants on and be prepared.

Happy (insta) Monday.

February 29, 2012

here today, gone tomorrow

Today is the day that I bring you both good and bad news. We'll start on a good note with the fact that I'm getting my haircut and colored up today. THIS IS A MIRACLE. My hair has been begging me for weeks now to stop walking around with it looking like it does. It is flat, no shape, and no matter what I do as soon as I walk outside it kinks up and goes back to looking like it did before I showered and fixed it. A girl's worst nightmare really. Therefore, today is my hair's Christmas. She will be getting all Sophia Bush short and Reese Witherspoon bangs (I'll be sure to share it later with you guys).

But, on a sad note my little Felix is leaving me today. He unfortunately has developed some habits that must be fixed back at 4paws to ensure that he can continue on in the service dog program. Therefore, while I am sadder than sad I'm happy that he will be getting the help he needs. In case you were wondering I cried (a lot) I'm kinda like Kristen Bell and if I'm not between a 4 and an 8 ... I'm crying. I am definitely a crier. I am getting a replacement dog though and will be sure to introduce you all to her. I'm sure she will be a doll but never as much of a hunk as Felix is. He will be missed!

February 24, 2012

friday's little notes

dear fellow bloggers,
I am the worst blogging lady these days and sincerely apologize for that. I've really started to miss this and plan on coming back and am ready to attack.

dear felix,
You are the cutest little puppy ever. Anytime that I am extra stressed, mad, or sad all I have to do is look at you and your puppy dog eyes and my day is instantly ten times better.

dear KY weather,
Get it together. I'm getting a little tired of you having these days that trick me into thinking Spring is coming. Let's just skip the rest of the cold and cheers to warm weather.

dear laundry,
Walk your dirty self into the laundry room and do yourself. I just do not have the time or motivation to conquer that big pile that you've become.

dear twilight breaking dawn,
I am so glad that you are part of MY movie collection now AND I am super pumped that I splurged for the delux version and now have a fabric poster of edward cullen + bella on the back of my door.

dear the voice,
you rock. that is all. oh, and adam levine? Yeah I don't think I need to elaborate.

February 7, 2012

long time. no blog.


Hello! Long time no talk. I've missed you guys. Really. But, I have been super busy these past two weeks getting adjusted to being a dog-trainer extraordinaire. I would like everyone to meet - Felix, my new 4paws puppy friend. Isn't he the cutest? YES! I'm sure you will be hearing and seeing a lot more of him here at this little blog of mine. He's basically attached to my hip. But who would complain about having this adorable guy attached to their hip? Not me.

Anyway, please excuse my absence I promise I will be a better blogger girl in the future. In the mean time just enjoy the major cuteness at the top of this post. Did I mention he likes to cuddle? Awwww.

Happy Tuesday.

January 27, 2012



A couple of days ago, Jessica, did a someday post and I thought it was such a good idea. Today I'm going to take that idea and put a little spin on it. Before I do know that I'm feeling a little inspired and thankful today. Don't you love those days?


...I hope to be as courageous and strong as my mother. She's an inspiration daily and doesn't even know it. If I become half the mother she has been I'll be one lucky lady.

...My brother will realize his undeniable potential to be anything he wants to be. And, someday everyone will realize what a good heart he has always had. He'll realize it too.

...I will learn to stand up for myself like Evan [boyfriend] does. That boy knows how to speak his mind. I love it!

...I hope my children learn what it's like to have a friend like this lady. She's the kind of friend everyone deserves to have. Trust me on that one!

...I'll be married to the guy of my dreams and live happily ever after. With puppies. There will definitely be puppies.

...I wish to travel and see all the things the world has to offer. There is so much to see, I just know it.

...I'll be as willing as my father. There has never been a time that I have really needed him that he hasn't been there. Yeah that's a dads job but I think I've got one of the best ones there is even in his mishap moments.

...I'll have one kick butt playlist and movie collection. I've started. I don't think I'll ever completely finish but that could be a good thing.

...I'll make a difference in someone's life like all of the people I have mentioned have effected mine.

...A roadtrip will take place with no destination in mind.

What do you all hope to do someday?

Happy Weekend.

January 25, 2012

notes to ...

this is my little brother, Kyle. he is pleased to meet you all.

This post is most definitely inspired by TJ over at Mr. Taylor and his lady. I love her weekly little notes and decided I would try it myself.

dear self,
get of your lazy tooshy and do your laundry and clean that messy room of yours. no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

dear saturday,
please hurry up and get here. my sleeping patterns are inhibited due to the anticipation of your arrival in two VERY long days.

dear 2006 altima (my car),
drive yourself down the street to the car wash. wash and pay for yourself. and, while you're at it clean out all the junk in my backseat.

dear kentucky weather,
cold? hot? luke warm? make up your mind about your desired temperature. if you wanna skip winter and go straight to spring that is fine by me. just make a decision my head will appreciate it. headaches be gone.

dear creators of JBD (jane by design),
you are a bunch of pure geniuses. thank you for creating such a fine show. I am one happy lady during that hour of television.

dear boyfriend,
all of those back scratches and apartment cooked meals are much appreciated. without you I would have one itchy back and fast food infested stomach.

dear favorite jeans,
you finally ripped and I was not prepared at all. I will continue to wear you until you tarnish into one big pile of denim. eek! that is one sad thought.

dear strawberry buttercream candle,
my nose thanks you for your unbelievable smell. so so much.

January 23, 2012

a few days of firsts

The past few days have been some exciting ones for me. I've went, saw, ate, and drank all kinds of new stuff. And I think I should share ALL of those things with you. Especially since I'm having severe writers block today.

1. Take me out to Suggins'
via Suggins' website

Last Friday my gracious cousin took me and boyfriend out for dinner as a belated Christmas gift and the boy did not disappoint. He took us to a place here in Lexington called Suggins. It's a local joint so check it out if you're ever here. I had never been to or heard of this place before which made it double exciting. I don't know about you guys but the local joints special to your town are some of the best places to get your eat on at. So homey and good cookin'. This girl was in a food coma from a hot brown when she left. What are some of your favorite local restaurants?

2. Smoothie Lovin'
via their website

I have always loved smoothies. Who doesn't? But, this weekend I found this place via my iPhone and it is uh-mazing! It is called Tropical Smoothie Cafe and there is, lucky for you, locations all over the place. Check it out and love it like I do. It is never to cold for a smoothie. Trust me!

3. George and Ryan

Also this weekend I rented the Ides of March movie. The main reason that I wanted to watch it is because it was an hour and some change of nothing but George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. Basically I could've muted it and it would've been worth the $3 I spent to rent it. But in reality it was an OK movie. Kinda slow but good. I will say that the movie poster picture is one of the neatest I've ever seen. Has anyone else seen this movie? I also realized that this was the FIRST movie I've ever seen with George in it. Crazy!

Before I let you go I just have to tell you a few quick things:

1. I got accepted into 4paws. Puppy this weekend. Happy Dance.
2. Twilight Breaking Dawn (Part 1) on February 11. Happy Dance again.
3. Did anyone see Reese Witherspoon at the Academy Awards? Best Dressed. I'm jealous. That was awhile back I know.


January 19, 2012

awkward and awesome


1. The fact that despite wearing gloves my hands STILL felt like they were going to fall off from the coldness. slowly but surely!
2. "Sperm is cheap" - professor in my class so gladly pointed this out this morning and that statement was followed with "eggs are expensive". need I say more?
3. I haven't posted since last Friday? School stinks!
4. The looks I get when I say, "I'll take a house salad no onions or tomato, with ranch." Yes, people that means all I want is lettuce, cheese, cucumbers, and croutons. That's my kinda salad.
5. The lady bus driver that has oh, maybe 15 inch nails. Not really. But, they are so long they're curling. Maybe gross instead of awkward?

1. Went to Malone's this past weekend. Mini chicken cordon bleu sandwiches. Awesome!
2. Steven Tyler is back on TV courtesy of American Idol. Explains itself.
3. Tomorrow is Friday. I feel like I've been waiting years for that good ol' day. I don't know what I'll do when I actually have to go to school 5 days a week.
4. 4Paws interview this weekend. Next week maybe a puppy? Hello fabulous. Are your fingers crossed?
5. This little crazy lady in this video.

January 13, 2012

blue blooded lady

gif maker at gickr.com

The past three days have marked the first week of the last semester of my college career. Can I get a hooray? HOORAY! Normally the first day of any class is very awkward in my opinion. You've got that bitter taste in your mouth of having to actually come back and attend school and for me having to play those 'get to know you games' is one huge nightmare. They always seem to ask what are my after college plans are? Heac if I know I'm just trying to get through college first.

But, the first couple of class days this semester have been full of pleasant surprises guys. I don't know if I've mentioned this as many times as I should but I am absolutely OBSESSED with UK basketball. Did I say obsessed? I am obsessed. Up to this point I have had zero classes with any basketball players or any players for that matter.

So you can imagine my annoying excitement when yesterday I walk in and there one sits. In my class. I'm sure I made a stupid shocked looking face but that situation is just to exciting not too. Needless to say I was completely satisfied with having one class in the four years I've been here with one basketball player. Then this morning walk in class and there is ANOTHER ONE. Can we say lucky me or really lucky me?

Yes, this is a childish and weird thing I've got going on here but anyone that knows me well has come to terms with the fact that this is just how I am. I love college basketball and think it is the best time of the year!

Go Cats!

Happy Friday everybody. I hope you're weekend is full of (good) surprises.

January 12, 2012


I am most definitely and without a doubt a color blocking newbie. I'm obsessed with this trend though - when it is done well. It is a perfect way to wear solids and only solids and make an outfit interesting and bright. My wardrobe, admittedly, needs to be expanded a bit before I attempt this ever so fabulous trend again.


I did a post recently just on color blocking and how fashion guru's such as Kendi and Sydney are fabulous at making the blocking of color look like pure perfection. You can go here and see what I mean.

For my outfit, on the last day of our StyleBusters, I chose a red shirt and paired it with a scarf of mine from Old Navy tied around my waist. I would have to say that red and pink are two of my favorite colors that are blocked alongside seafoam green and blue.

While I did red and pink Jessica took her very own spin on color blocking so be sure to go take a sneak peek at her over here.


I hope you all have enjoyed our StyleBusters challenge because I know that we have. I personally have been trouble dressing myself the past few days with no such guidelines. I stand in front of my closet for minutes and get nothing. School kinda restricts me because it's getting cold and I don't dare put on my cute shoes and murder my feet like that. Make sure you put some color blocking in your life and shake it up.

January 11, 2012

toes like to party too.



Normally in the winter I do enjoy the types of shoes that provide coverage for my toes but Jessica so graciously convinced me that letting my toes have a party and be seen in the winter time can be perfectly OK. Especially since down here in the bluegrass state I don't think winter has actually hit us, technically. It's been kinda warm for this state. So I broke out a pair of my open toe shoes and let my toes say hello to January and temperatures below 70. It felt kinda good.

I honestly would rather not wear shoes than wear them. So any excuse to have as much of them exposed as possible - I'll take it. Socks are the devil to me. Constricting little suckers they are. Now mark my words as soon as the temperature here hits below 50 my toes are closed up and don't appear again until warmer weather. I wouldn't want them to so called 'freeze' or nothin'.


Hopefully you live somewhere where you can exercise your right to wear open toe shoes as much as you like. They even look good with tights. Blogger girl promise. Give your toes a chance to breath in the winter months and try out your open toes and don't forget to check out Jessica's sassy red open toe shoes. They're great and I'm jealous.

style busters button

January 10, 2012

blazers are for boys (and girls)





Disclaimer: Before you think or say anything I know I am wearing the same shirt from yesterdays post. And there IS an explanation for that. Jessica and I had to shoot two StyleBusters in one, yes one, day. School is starting and we ran out of time sorta. Forgive us. If anything it shows how to wear the same shirt two different ways.

Moving on to bigger and better things though. Men have been wearing blazers and sports jackets for years and years now. It's about time that the ladies get some blazer lovin'. I do confess that I have only one blazer at this time mainly because I'm a shorty and can never find one that satisfies me and my body type. I found this one I'm wearing at Kohl's for a $15 bargain. I loved its cropped length and the little pleats in the back. Cute right?

Since I chose black, it gave me one more reason to wear my sassy suede mary janes just one more time. Although you could definitely pair it with a cute pair of flats or boots and be set. You can dress a blazer up or down and it looks great both ways. No wonder those guys have been keeping those things to themselves. Bad news bears for them us ladies have invaded this trend and aren't turning back. Blazers + girls = a great combination.

I hope you've tried this trend and if you haven't please do.

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January 9, 2012

glitter me pretty.


What girl doesn't love glitter? It comes in all shapes and sizes and can go from your ears to your toes. Quite possible the greatest invention ever from a ladies perspective. You can dress it down for work and then with a couple modifications it can be jazzed up for night time.

Friday I chose to dress it down. Basically because we have casual Friday where I work and I didn't wanna come in looking like I just stepped out of a cloud of glitter. I found this plaid but ruffly shirt at Kohl's the night before and HAD to wear it. So I did. My glittery cardigan I paired it with is from Express. They never disappoint in the glitter department. Plaid and glitter? I think it worked. Although plaid sometimes makes me feel like a lumberjack. Especially if it's red for some reason? Weird girl reporting here.


Did I mention the shoes I was wearing yet? No? Well, I will then. They are my NEW favorite thing minus the fact that walking in them is a challenge still. The air is different 5 inches above my normal height. But beauty is pain and I guess I'll bear it.

Don't forget to go check out Jessica's glitter and her nice pops of color today.


And, I know you're probably getting sick of this reminder but link up with us. You'll make our day.

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January 6, 2012

wearing my big girl braids tonight.


When I was younger I jumped at the chance for my mammaw to braid my hair. It made me feel SO cool. And, yes I was one of the young ladies, once upon a time, who got her hair braided. With the beads. My family had gone on a cruise and I insisted I get that done. Most painful experience to date. Well at least one of the most painful. But for some reason, I think, people believe at some age you get to old for braids. Disagree! Yes, I may be to old to braid my hair in pig-tails and go on the town but I am not to old for braids in general.

I tend to enjoy putting random ones in my hair just for a little 'hair icing' if you will. It gives it that bed hair don't care kinda thing in my opinion. So yesterday that is what I did. I'm sure all of you can agree that we can have good braid days and bad braid days. Yesterday was a good one for me.


Jessica and I ventured over to Starbuck's yesterday to take pictures and for the free smells. It's heaven in there! Plus, they always have the neatest little chairs you can sit in and relax. Luckily we had an audience number of zero. And an added bonus was that we got two peanut butter chocolate cupcakes for $2.50. That's a good deal at Starbucks.

One thing that was hard about the braids day was it was very hard for me to pose showing my whole face. It always ended up feeling awkward. This is why you mostly see my profile.


Don't forget to go check out Jessica's braids. And, link link link it up.

P.S Jersey Shore. Who watched it?

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