March 19, 2012

sometimes ...


... Spring comes early and it makes everything better.
... It's Monday and you know at 8:00 the Voice comes on!
... You have an awesome boyfriend that cooks you yummy dinners. (I have one of those)
... You take a pattern mixing risk and it turns out to be a nice walk on the wild side.
... Going shopping proves to be a disappointment because you can't seem to find anything you're willing to spend money on.
... There is only six weeks left of your college career and you're happy and scared and maybe a little sad (that's just a little).
... Someone (me) vows to eat healthier and then realizes that she's gonna miss fast food a lot more than she thought. Stupid convenience and cheap factor.
... Even though you miss fast food you still don't give in. Yipee!

March 15, 2012

awkward & awesome


-going into Wendy's and accidently ordering a triple ginormous cheeseburger instead of my desired chicken sandwich. Thank goodness for reorder and refund.
-walking in heels. enough said.
-pulling up next to someone on the road (at a red light) where you both have your windows down and music up. then comes that moment when you look at each other and simultaneously reach for the volume knob and become embarrassed of whatever song you were previously 'jammin' too.
-the people that I work with thinking that it is odd that they are sore after taking an exercise class. uh, hello, that means you actually GOT some exercise.

-next friday I get my Janis back. I've been missing that ball of fluff.
-friday, as in tomorrow's friday, I'm going shopping!!! that hasn't happened in decades so I have plenty of leftover Christmas money to spend. heac yeah!
-I wore no pants yesterday .... (because I wore a dress) yes people it is that warm in the bluegrass state. spring = 1 winter = 0.
-mcdonalds has a reese mcflurry now? yes! I'm behind the times but this is great news.
-twilight breaking dawn, part 2 sneak peek on march 20 and hunger games on the 23. here comes the happy dance!

March 13, 2012

girl crush

I think I have mentioned before who my style inspirations are but just in case I didn't I'll remind you. So first I'll start with a warning. That warning being that the first person I'm going to mention probably isn't to many people's style inspiration. But I love her and her weird, quirky, and awkward self. And I most definitely have a girl crush on Bella Swan aka Kristen Stewart. I admire people that can pull off that casual, bed hed, don't care kinda style and she does it great. Nobody can wear a t-shirt and jeans like that girl. And, did I mention I would love to have her hair and eyes? I would. I think I like her style so much because she is so different from me but deep down inside I would like to dress in that comfy casual style that she does. Thank goodness I can pretend to live fashionably risky through KStew. And, having Rob Pattinson on her arm doesn't hurt, right?

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

Second, we have Reese Witherspoon. I wish I was her best friend or twin sister? I would take either of those options. Her simplistic yet chic style has always been an inspiration to me. I love simplicity and comfort and in she always seems to have that 'cute mom on the go' aura about her. If you don't like Reese then who do ya like? I would basically like to morph reese and kristen into one person and make that ME! It wouldn't hurt to combine their bank accounts into one and make it mine too so that I could achieve my fashion dreams. Dream Katie Dream. I know!

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

Who are your fashion inspirations?

March 12, 2012

life via instagram

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Hey guys! It's Spring Break (and, I'm at work?) but I am also getting the chance to update you all on my life in the past few weeks via my INSTAgram. Which is a first for me! I've had it for awhile but just now got into using it. The past few weeks have been filled up with homework, tests, Malone's, Janis Joplin (my new 4paws dog), date nights, yummy donuts, and cute shoes. Sounds fun right? I plan on blogging, blogging, and blogging some more this week. So get your blog reading pants on and be prepared.

Happy (insta) Monday.