January 27, 2012



A couple of days ago, Jessica, did a someday post and I thought it was such a good idea. Today I'm going to take that idea and put a little spin on it. Before I do know that I'm feeling a little inspired and thankful today. Don't you love those days?


...I hope to be as courageous and strong as my mother. She's an inspiration daily and doesn't even know it. If I become half the mother she has been I'll be one lucky lady.

...My brother will realize his undeniable potential to be anything he wants to be. And, someday everyone will realize what a good heart he has always had. He'll realize it too.

...I will learn to stand up for myself like Evan [boyfriend] does. That boy knows how to speak his mind. I love it!

...I hope my children learn what it's like to have a friend like this lady. She's the kind of friend everyone deserves to have. Trust me on that one!

...I'll be married to the guy of my dreams and live happily ever after. With puppies. There will definitely be puppies.

...I wish to travel and see all the things the world has to offer. There is so much to see, I just know it.

...I'll be as willing as my father. There has never been a time that I have really needed him that he hasn't been there. Yeah that's a dads job but I think I've got one of the best ones there is even in his mishap moments.

...I'll have one kick butt playlist and movie collection. I've started. I don't think I'll ever completely finish but that could be a good thing.

...I'll make a difference in someone's life like all of the people I have mentioned have effected mine.

...A roadtrip will take place with no destination in mind.

What do you all hope to do someday?

Happy Weekend.


  1. Katie. You seriously have me in tears at this moment. You have already made such a difference and an impact on my life. I truly treasure our friendship and I hope that we're 80 years old, sittin' on one of our porches talking about our silly old men husbands while they're inside watching TV. I'm so happy that our paths crossed just those few years ago because I was so in need of a friend like you at that time, although I'm sure you never knew it. But on a happier note, I can't wait for your one day wedding, puppies, cute little blonde haired kids, and also seeing you change the world. Because you're going to. I know. I love you, best friend.

  2. Mr. Taylor and his LadyJanuary 30, 2012 at 7:58 PM

    love this so very much. you are adorable girl! and puppies are definitely a necessity!
    xo TJ

  3. Such a cute post Katie! Love that last one about the road trip - and for me, hopefully someday SOON I will have a puppy - that's numero uno on my list right now :)

  4. What a beautiful post with wonderful wishes for someday...hope they all come true. :)

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  7. they're the best aren't they? good reason to never leave home ;)

  8. well, I surely didn't mean to bring you to tears. But thank you so much :) that all means a lot coming from you, friend. I can't wait for all of those things to happen as well and I'm glad you will be apart of all of them.

  9. Haha, well in my defense, I was coming off of an emotional week and just reading what you wrote about your mom and then mentioning our friendship, it was too much for me to handle!