December 22, 2011

block me color

Fashion trends come and go, are good and then bad, but some should be hear to stay. Color Blocking is SO in right now. And thank goodness for that. I adore this fashion trend and think its uniqueness speaks for itself. You can keep it calm or wild it out. It's perfect don't ya think?

via Frugal Fashionitas

via Kendi Everyday

via MolaPosh
via Sydney at the Daybook

I know I know. For those of us out of color blocking practice it looks kinda difficult and risky. Who wants to block the wrong colors? Well, the people over at StyleList have got us covered. In a 2 minute and somethin' video they lay all your fears to rest. Take a peek! Promise it's worth the time.

You can block that color anyway you want ladies and gents. It looks good (most) always. I personally canNOT wait to try this trend in the next few weeks (or days). AND, I would l.o.v.e to see you try it as well.

Happy Blocking,



  1. That video is SO helpful! Love it!

  2. I didn't know it had a name but i love color blocking!!!

  3. I know. I was so glad to find it :) This will be useful.

  4. I'm with alexis, I didn't know it had a name but both Sydney and Kendi are always so fashionable. Love them both!

  5. I love them both too! I'm never unimpressed with their outfits of choice :)

  6. Love all the colors!
    Check out my blog? (:

  7. I am not brave enough to do such bold color blocking. But I sure do love it! :)