February 29, 2012

here today, gone tomorrow

Today is the day that I bring you both good and bad news. We'll start on a good note with the fact that I'm getting my haircut and colored up today. THIS IS A MIRACLE. My hair has been begging me for weeks now to stop walking around with it looking like it does. It is flat, no shape, and no matter what I do as soon as I walk outside it kinks up and goes back to looking like it did before I showered and fixed it. A girl's worst nightmare really. Therefore, today is my hair's Christmas. She will be getting all Sophia Bush short and Reese Witherspoon bangs (I'll be sure to share it later with you guys).

But, on a sad note my little Felix is leaving me today. He unfortunately has developed some habits that must be fixed back at 4paws to ensure that he can continue on in the service dog program. Therefore, while I am sadder than sad I'm happy that he will be getting the help he needs. In case you were wondering I cried (a lot) I'm kinda like Kristen Bell and if I'm not between a 4 and an 8 ... I'm crying. I am definitely a crier. I am getting a replacement dog though and will be sure to introduce you all to her. I'm sure she will be a doll but never as much of a hunk as Felix is. He will be missed!

February 24, 2012

friday's little notes

dear fellow bloggers,
I am the worst blogging lady these days and sincerely apologize for that. I've really started to miss this and plan on coming back and am ready to attack.

dear felix,
You are the cutest little puppy ever. Anytime that I am extra stressed, mad, or sad all I have to do is look at you and your puppy dog eyes and my day is instantly ten times better.

dear KY weather,
Get it together. I'm getting a little tired of you having these days that trick me into thinking Spring is coming. Let's just skip the rest of the cold and cheers to warm weather.

dear laundry,
Walk your dirty self into the laundry room and do yourself. I just do not have the time or motivation to conquer that big pile that you've become.

dear twilight breaking dawn,
I am so glad that you are part of MY movie collection now AND I am super pumped that I splurged for the delux version and now have a fabric poster of edward cullen + bella on the back of my door.

dear the voice,
you rock. that is all. oh, and adam levine? Yeah I don't think I need to elaborate.

February 7, 2012

long time. no blog.


Hello! Long time no talk. I've missed you guys. Really. But, I have been super busy these past two weeks getting adjusted to being a dog-trainer extraordinaire. I would like everyone to meet - Felix, my new 4paws puppy friend. Isn't he the cutest? YES! I'm sure you will be hearing and seeing a lot more of him here at this little blog of mine. He's basically attached to my hip. But who would complain about having this adorable guy attached to their hip? Not me.

Anyway, please excuse my absence I promise I will be a better blogger girl in the future. In the mean time just enjoy the major cuteness at the top of this post. Did I mention he likes to cuddle? Awwww.

Happy Tuesday.