December 30, 2011

tights. they make a statement.

dot tights1

Tights picture via Banana Republic

It is now day four of our StyleBusters and our feature of the day is statement tights. I have fallen in tights love. When I was younger I absolutely refused to put any kind of tights on. I thought they were itchy? But now any opportunity I get I wear them. To me, it gives us ladies an excuse to wear skirts and dresses all year long. So thank God for tights. Especially ones that make a statement. Tights can spice up your outfit and give it a little quirky twist but still look professional; this is important in my case since I'm wearing them to work. But, nonetheless they make me feel cute, sassy, and sophisticated. Plus, Joan Rivers (from fashion police) put her stamp of approval on this trend. Naturally, if Joan Rivers says it is A-OKAY then it definitely is. So, don't be scared.

I politely asked my mom to get me some patterned tights for Christmas this year and she came through with two pairs! Now she did not get me any colored ones but you can get your fill of those over at Jessica's blog. She was pretty in pink. I on the other hand was dot dot dotted up in now my favorite tights from Banana Republic. I apologize that you can't really see their cuteness in any of my pictures. The dots are teenie tiny. But, I provided you with the picture and link to where I got them so you can get a better idea.

Yesterday made the SECOND time this week that I wore these tights. I love them that much! But, the tights aren't my only new somethin' somethin's in this post. I also got some new shoes. You may be familiar with them if you have read this girls blog. I love em'. Wearing new tights and shoes made for a pretty fabulous day.


This shoot was our most dangerous to date. I bravely parked my car in a turning lane (emergency flashers on) just so Jessica and I could have a change of scenery. Plenty of people drove by our location and we got some stares towards us and my choice or parking spot. But, it was worth it. I think? The wind was also out of control yesterday. So, no my hair does not normally look like that, the wind helped create that catastrophe.

Now, don't forget to link up with us and show us your tights that make a statement. Whether they're striped, dotted, blue, yellow, multi-colored, or tiger print. We wanna see em'. Pretty please!

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December 29, 2011

new year, new things

The days approaching the beginning of a new year are always exciting and somewhat bittersweet. It is a time to remember things from the past year and to realize opportunities and new beginnings for the next. I am especially excited about this upcoming year of 2012 so many good things are coming my way. At least I hope.

I decided to come up with a list of 12 resolutions for 2012. I have never done this before. Maybe because I always tell myself that I'll never be able to stick with it. But this coming year I'm intending to do great things so why not get ambitious? All the things I came up with are not really that difficult but things that I am looking forward to and have been wanting to accomplish for quite sometime now. And, might I add it was hard to come up with twelve things. I always say I'll do 'xyz' many and I get to the last three and go absolutely blank. It's a bad problem. But, back to the task at hand - here is my list.

12 Resolutions for 2012
I made the font red because I heard over at the ColorIssue blog that red is supposed to be good luck.

1. Graduate, graduate, and GRADUATE!!
2. Get my very own puppy. I have been waiting years to do this. I'll have to video myself, well boyfriend will, when this actually happens because I might cry. I am a crier.
3. Look and f.i.n.d a permanent (for now) home for myself. Can't wait to decorate.
4. Be hired for my first big girl job. Those are very hard to come by these days so crossing my fingers on this one gang.
5. Start and maintain an exercise routine. The maintain part is the hardest for me. Luckily this girls got a guy that likes to work-out. I'm thankful for that (most days).
6. [Re]give up everything soda-pop. I don't say caffeine because I'm a sweet tea drinker. I will never vow to give that up. It's like a drug.
7. BLOG ... a lot more.
8. Go on vacation? This will mainly be up to mom and dad. I am still poor.
9. Take more pictures. I always say this but this time I mean it. Even if that means velcroing my camera to my dag on hand.
10. Volunteer at the Humane Society. I have always wanted too. I think 2012 well be no better time.
11. Save some money! [This will be the hardest one] Pitiful I know. Glad boyfriend knows how to save! So, thankful for that boy.
12. Finally, get reaquainted with some old friends. College has spread my time thin and I've lost touch with quite a few people. But, also made a lot of great friends through college so I won't say it's all bad.

Well, there ya have it. My list for 2012. I will do my best to update you from time to time on how I'm coming along with all of this. I'm optimistic that this is gonna be a kick hiney year!

Heres to 2012.


some mixing of patterns


Yesterday was pattern mixing, ladies and gents. And, I have got one thing to say about that: IT.WAS.HARD! I have never pattern mixed. Never even thought about it. But after all this I think I will start shopping with the thought of mixing patterns in mind. I found myself asking many questions outloud to myself when mixing. Things like should I do same pattern but different color or size? Or should I do two different patterns but in the same color? Should I go bold or stay neutral? Two patterned shirts or a skirt and a shirt? It was exhausting.


Now, I have got a nice collection of clothes but this challenge (literally) has led me to the conclusion that my wardrobe is seriously lacking in pattern. I am one solid kinda girl. This lady had to go digging through bags of clothes that were being stored in the 'extra' room in my momma's house just to create this outfit. But, being the optimist that I try to be I finally told myself, "Katie, this will look good" and since that didn't convince me I sent a picture to Jessica and she said, "Oh, that's gonna work" which is how my final outfit came to be. I am crossing my fingers that you think it looks good/works as well.

Normally, I would not go to my closet and think - oh, this striped shirt and zebra cardigan is going to make one heac of a outfit. But for the sake of this challenge I gave it a whirl ... and, LIKED IT. I read a tutorial over at the Unusual Form blog and it helped me gather some vision as to which direction I should take when mixing my patterns. I believe that this time my mix was pretty subtle but it was my first time. Next time, my goal is to be a little more risky and maybe even add a pop of color like Jessica did with her red shoes. She is slowly becoming a pattern mixing pro so be sure to go over and take a look at her twist on this StyleBuster.


I'm not sure if I have mentioned this yet but we have been wearing all of these outfits to work each day and squeezing our pictures in at lunch. So, you better believe we have received some looks and questions from quite a few of our co-workers that are stuck in the 90's. Yes, that means they do not pattern mix and probably think we are loco crazy for participating in such an act. We do not care, though. We are guilty pattern mixers, and everyone else should be too.


Now, as a little extra to yesterday's shoot we had a little visitor at our office that we named (one-eyed) Jack. Poor guy only had one eye. But he sure was one cute and cuddly visitor and very photogenic if I do say so myself. And, I'm very forgetful most often and haven't told you all that Jessica takes all my pictures. She's one talented lady and even helps me with posing. Such a good friend. Even though I already mentioned this don't forget to go check out her blog and see which patterns she mixed today - there will be no disappoint there. Promise!

And, don't forget that if you do any pattern mixing of your own link up with us and show us what ya got. We can't wait to see it!



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December 28, 2011

happy wednesday

I have just recently realized that I have never properly introduced you all to two of my best guys. Yes, I introduced you to why I love my favorite guy down here but he is not the only guy in my life. Shhh. Don't tell him though.

Therefore, today in order to wish you a happy wednesday I will formally introduce you to Brodie and Frankie. Ready? Here they are.

Frank is the one in the sunglasses

You thought they were 'real' guys didn't ya? No. Of course not! Sometimes I find that I get along much better with these two than anyone else. Maybe it's because most of the time they don't talk back. I am NOT a crazy dog lady but I don't think I've ever met one that I do not l.o.v.e and fear the day I get my own because I know I'll want to have at least 26? Maybe more. They can always make my day better so I hope just looking at them can make yours better as well.

And, since this IS my second post today I'll keep it short and sweet and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Happy Wednesday y'all,


ladies in red


Red is such a sassy, bold, and must have color. I used to not utilize it as I should. And, it looks good on most people because of the many variety of shades. This is precisely why Jessica and I chose to do this for our second StyleBuster.

I am a newbie in the red-lips club and I must admit I am still getting warmed up and attempting to find the perfect shade for me and my pale skin. But, I love this trend to much not to at least try to embrace it. I think it adds a sense of elegance and sass to an outfit/person when used properly - red lipstick is like magic in a tube. Although, I think anything red can do this for a lady. It provides a sense of confidence. Whether that be in a piece of clothing, lips, nails, shoes, etc. etc. etc. You wanna stand out? Go and get your red girls.


Jessica, my StyleBuster partner in crime, took her own spin on the 'ladies in red' challenge so go over and take a look at her red shoes.

And, if you're a lady in red we would love to see your take on this. SO, link up with us. Don't be shy!

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December 27, 2011

glasses are sassy? uh-huh.

blog post3

Today is Tuesday, December 27 and as promised we are set and ready to start our StyleBusters challenge. And, what better way to start than with glasses? They serve multiple purposes. They can be an accessory and help with your eyes. Win-win dontcha think? I do. And, so does Jessica.

It's just a shame that glasses aren't more publicized in the limelight. Because sometimes I feel that they accentuate my outfit and it turns out looking better when I have them on. Not that I have a choice. I am a certified four eyes and must wear my glasses everyday. But, you won't hear me complaining (yet).

blog post2

Starting in high school I wanted glasses SO bad. I even would buy the reading glasses at walgreens or some store of the like and wear them. I do NOT suggest this. Talk about a headache. That might have attributed to my bad vision these days. Oops! But, you can imagine an aspiring glasses wearer's excitement when she hears that she actually has to have glasses. And, two pairs at that. I always imagined that they would be chic, grown up, and classy. I think I was right! And, I dread the day that I lose interest and want contacts - I know it's coming. I just tell myself that I'll get a new pair and my glasses phase will last that much longer.

For the sake of your time and patience I'll just wrap this up with one simple little phrase: Glasses are Sassy. And, if you haven't realized this yet - get with it. I promise if you give it a go you won't be disappointed. They make fake ones now just for accessory purposes. That should tell a person how fabulous they are. Thank goodness for bad vision so I could give this trend a whirl. No, I don't want my vision to get worse (just for the record).

blog post5

If you don't wanna take my word for how awesome specs can be go take a look at these ladies over at The Girls with Glasses blog. They'll show you how it's done. I dream to have their glasses collection. Spectacular.

I hope all of you are members of the 'glasses are sassy' club. And, if you are Jessica and I would love to see them. So, use the little link button below to link up with one of us and let us marvel in all these glasses.

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December 23, 2011

allow me to introduce you to ....

Style Busters Header

I have never been one to not follow the rules, take a dive off the deep end, or walk on the wild side. But there is a first time for everything and fashion is the perfect way for someone to show-off their personality and really get creative. So now with the help of one of my blogger friends, Jessica, we are going to challenge some of the controversial trends in fashion today.

Starting Tuesday (December 27) we will start our twelve days of StyleBusters, listed below. Our list is a compilation of 'trends' that we think are do's but some people think are huge no-no's. So you think tights can't make a statement? Or that glitter is for little girls? We beg to differ. And, are going to prove you wrong. Pinky Promise!

Style Busters List

Each day we will showcase one of our twelve StyleBusters in order to show you that some of those no-no's can be huge YES's. Our hope is that you will see the list and wanna join in and share your posts with us. But, if not I hope you'll at least attempt these in the privacy of your own four walls and just see how fabulous they can be. Don't be afraid to bust or break those rules. Remember, they're meant to be broken (sometimes). And, if you happen to not understand any of our busters feel free to contact us via comment or e-mail. We love questions and (usually) have answers.

Below is a button created for your pleasure. Post in your sidebar or at the bottom of your post. We won't even require you to participate in all twelve days. Do one, do two, or do three. However many you do we can't wait to see.

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December 22, 2011

block me color

Fashion trends come and go, are good and then bad, but some should be hear to stay. Color Blocking is SO in right now. And thank goodness for that. I adore this fashion trend and think its uniqueness speaks for itself. You can keep it calm or wild it out. It's perfect don't ya think?

via Frugal Fashionitas

via Kendi Everyday

via MolaPosh
via Sydney at the Daybook

I know I know. For those of us out of color blocking practice it looks kinda difficult and risky. Who wants to block the wrong colors? Well, the people over at StyleList have got us covered. In a 2 minute and somethin' video they lay all your fears to rest. Take a peek! Promise it's worth the time.

You can block that color anyway you want ladies and gents. It looks good (most) always. I personally canNOT wait to try this trend in the next few weeks (or days). AND, I would l.o.v.e to see you try it as well.

Happy Blocking,


December 21, 2011

christmas is sunday?

I give looks like these often. I should dedicate a post just to the many looks of Katie.

Hello all from my cozy cubicle at the absolute BEST place to work. Sense the sarcasm? If you don't it's there. I can absolutely not believe that Christmas is like, tomorrow? Or so it seems. I am not even finished shopping ... yikes and shame on me. This is not normal for me. I am normally well prepared for this holiday because it is my FAVORITE!

What's yours?

Being a broke college student does not help my case at all. I just don't have enough money to buy for all the people I desire. Such a drag being young and poor (concerning that green paper) in other aspects I am as rich as can be.

I figure that this time of year is just full of family traditions and my family sure has our 'regular' activities. I have a LOT of places to go around this time of year. Having divorced parents doubles the christmas gatherings .. and being a girlfriend adds a couple more stops. My christmas dinner locations is up to five these days. Lots of room for tradition here people.

via Pinterest

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Having dinner Christmas Eve just momma fisher, kyle (my brother), me, and Brodie (puppy).
2. My brother and I exchanging gifts Christmas Eve. It's a special time for us.
3. Playing catch phrase at my aunt's house for HOURS upon hours. That game can be pure addicting.
4. Spending Christmas evening at my daddio's opening gifts. I am pretty much my dad made over (most of the time) so it's nice spending time with my twin.
5. Being in a food coma. Christmas and Thanksgiving present these opportunities for me.
6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the real one), The Santa Clause, and The Santa Clause II.
7. Wearing a completely new outfit from head to toe on Christmas. That is my personal tradition.
8. Spending QT time with boyfriend. He is normally in the college town and I'm home during our holiday break. I miss him.
9. Being lazy. I do that all the time though.
10. Watching all the guys in my family freeze their tooshes off while either playing basketball of football. Sports fanatics over here.

What are some of your alls favorite traditions? I would love to hear about them.
Happy couple days before Christmas,


December 16, 2011

jumpin' on the wagon

So, everyone seems to be doing these at the moment. I'm going to be a follower and do it to JUST because it seems to be the 'it' thing right now gang. And there ain't (yes, I said ain't) nothing wrong with being a bandwagon member.

Here we go ...

A. Age: I'm a ripe 22.
B. Bed size: at my primary apartment residence full.
C. Chore you hate: Cleaning my shower/bathroom. It is absolutely repulsive to me. And, cleaning dirty dishes. Thank. Godness. For. DISHWASHERS!
D. Dogs: Technically, none. But, in my head two. Brodie who lives with momma fisher and Frankie (my cousin's dog) but he loves me most so I consider him 50% mine. Fair right?
E. Essential start to your day: Hitting snooze and ALWAYS waking up 10-15 minutes later than need be. And, I wonder why I'm always rushed?
F. Favorite Color: Eh, how can a gal choose just one? I can't. So, I'll say my least favorite is orange. eek. There is something I hate about it.
G. Gold or Silver: I'm friends with both. But I prefer silver.
H. Height: I'm towering above few at 5'2.
I. Instruments you play: I (used) to play piano. I wish I still did. Sometimes.
J. Job Title: Full time student. Hardest job ever.
K. Kids: Someday. I think two? I already have names. Yes, I am one of those looney tunes that thinks of names WAY early.
L. Live: Down (sorta) South in the big KY. We bleed blue ;)
M. Mother's Name: Susan
N. Nicknames: KFish, Katie Rae (Unfortunately). I don't have a lot.
O. Overnight hospital stays: My first day. Birth.
P. Pet peeves: Repeating myself. When people scrap their teeth with their fork, it is awful. When two people take up the entire sidewalk and walk with the turtles; it's impossible to get around.
Q. Quote from a movie: "You is kind, You is smart, You is important" - The Help
R. Right or left-handed: Right
S. Siblings: my little, but 6-foot tall, brother.
T. Time you wake up: as late as possible. but most days it's not late enough.
U. Underwear: Yeah, I wear them. What of it?
V. Vegetable you hate: I love me some veggies. But spinach and stuff of the like. gross me out.
X. X-rays: I've never had one I don't think? I'm very cautious.
Y. Yummy food: I love anything chicken. But, I am ADDICTED to chicken cordon bleu sandwiches (esp. from Malone's)
Z. Zoo animal: Giraffe. No doubt.

My quote from letter 'Q' just isn't somethin' without actually hearing it. And, if you haven't seen this movie. Shame on you. See it ... today.

December 14, 2011

an ode' to pictures

Hello! It is now POST finals week (for me at least). I am currently sitting somewhere in between cloud nine and the twilight zone. Talk about one draining week and some change. And, since I am so brain-dead, I feel like getting a little picture sentimental with you guys.

Pictures are important. I unfortunately do not take very many anymore. And for that I am disappointed in myself. After I slap myself on the wrist for that for the 123,879,345 time I'm going to start capturing my favorite moments once again.

Sometimes I get in the mood to take a walk or mild jog down memory lane and flip through ALL of my pictures from high school, prom, summers past, and the first few semesters of my college career. Guess what? I am in the mood. Going through all of these makes me miss my past but treasure my present and dream of my future. Do your pictures do this to you? I'm filled with emotions ... bubbling over, actually.

Brace yourselves for this picture montage of my past and present life. Ready? Alright! Feast your eyes on these.

I hope you lovelies were in the mood for some picture lookin'. If not, well, I hope you liked them anyway. Maybe it inspired you to go back and browse through years past.

Until next time. Enjoy!

December 8, 2011

awkward & awesome thursday

I got this crazy idea for a post from Jessica Chronicled, Mr. Taylor and his lady, annnnd The Daybook. Three fabulous blogs with three fabulous bloggers! Anyway, I saw what they did. Liked it. So now I am giving it a go with my awkward and awesome moments.

-the fact that my roommates think it's a good plan to set the heat at 74 degrees. talk about a girl breakin' a sweat sittin' down.
-after taking the dive to get my eyebrows waxed they have become the two most weird growing eyebrows I know. Once you go wax you never (can) go back.
-me trying to 'keep up' with my boyfriend while walking to and from class. he's walking at a glacial pace and I'm practically at a jog.
-I am wearing sandals to work because bright eyes (me) left all of my work shoes at my mom's humble abode.
-Kroger on the first Wednesday of the month. Senior Citizens Day. Gahhh.

-it's dead week. the week before finals. meaning, in short, that my LAST fall semester of college is coming to a close.
-the project that I am doing with this lady.
-the CATS beat UNC. if you watched the game you understand why that's amazing.
-my sweet dad took me (and, Evan) to Malone's last Friday. talk about delicious.
-And, last but certainly not least, I am beyond ecstatic that I have new followers :) that IS awesome.

I hope your alls Thursday is awkward AND awesome,