January 6, 2012

wearing my big girl braids tonight.


When I was younger I jumped at the chance for my mammaw to braid my hair. It made me feel SO cool. And, yes I was one of the young ladies, once upon a time, who got her hair braided. With the beads. My family had gone on a cruise and I insisted I get that done. Most painful experience to date. Well at least one of the most painful. But for some reason, I think, people believe at some age you get to old for braids. Disagree! Yes, I may be to old to braid my hair in pig-tails and go on the town but I am not to old for braids in general.

I tend to enjoy putting random ones in my hair just for a little 'hair icing' if you will. It gives it that bed hair don't care kinda thing in my opinion. So yesterday that is what I did. I'm sure all of you can agree that we can have good braid days and bad braid days. Yesterday was a good one for me.


Jessica and I ventured over to Starbuck's yesterday to take pictures and for the free smells. It's heaven in there! Plus, they always have the neatest little chairs you can sit in and relax. Luckily we had an audience number of zero. And an added bonus was that we got two peanut butter chocolate cupcakes for $2.50. That's a good deal at Starbucks.

One thing that was hard about the braids day was it was very hard for me to pose showing my whole face. It always ended up feeling awkward. This is why you mostly see my profile.


Don't forget to go check out Jessica's braids. And, link link link it up.

P.S Jersey Shore. Who watched it?

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  1. I'm a braid lover. :) These look really cute.

  2. I loved your little braids, the hairstyle was perfect. And you're so right, adding little braids here and there is like adding icing. It's the little details that make the biggest difference sometimes. And I don't know what it is about braids that seem to have a carefree attitude about them? But I love it.

    And always love your glasses.

  3. Love your braids...they are so cute! And your bright colors look SO good :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Thanks! The bobby pins were KILLING my head by the end of the day though. And, I agree about the attitude ... they're very 'chill' if ya will.

  5. your hair is flawless, in every picture mind you. teach me your ways!

  6. Mr. Taylor and his LadyJanuary 6, 2012 at 2:48 PM

    hair icing. LOVE!
    i always love adding a braid every once in a while, especially when i just need a little extra pushing. it just pulls everything together :)
    xo TJ

  7. aw, thanks! I really don't do much to it. Smack it with the straightener and John Frieda hairspray it still.

    I flip it under with my straightener in certain spots. I guess that would be my one secret because I don't like for it to be SUPER straight. ya know?

  8. You are SO right! A braid can do all the right things for a lady.

  9. uhhh...stinkin adorable! i am having major hair envy right now.

  10. I love braids! Wore a fishtail for the first time in like ten years the other day. Awesome!

  11. super jealous that you can do a fishtail. I never keep my hair long enough but they look so cool.

  12. Super cute! I love braids, I would hate to see the day I feel to old to wear them
    xo jac