January 11, 2012

toes like to party too.



Normally in the winter I do enjoy the types of shoes that provide coverage for my toes but Jessica so graciously convinced me that letting my toes have a party and be seen in the winter time can be perfectly OK. Especially since down here in the bluegrass state I don't think winter has actually hit us, technically. It's been kinda warm for this state. So I broke out a pair of my open toe shoes and let my toes say hello to January and temperatures below 70. It felt kinda good.

I honestly would rather not wear shoes than wear them. So any excuse to have as much of them exposed as possible - I'll take it. Socks are the devil to me. Constricting little suckers they are. Now mark my words as soon as the temperature here hits below 50 my toes are closed up and don't appear again until warmer weather. I wouldn't want them to so called 'freeze' or nothin'.


Hopefully you live somewhere where you can exercise your right to wear open toe shoes as much as you like. They even look good with tights. Blogger girl promise. Give your toes a chance to breath in the winter months and try out your open toes and don't forget to check out Jessica's sassy red open toe shoes. They're great and I'm jealous.

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  1. I love those shoes! I know they were hard for you to walk in (haha) but I definitely think a pair of basic black peep toes are almost an essential for every girl's closet. I have a pair but they're about worn out to the extent that I can't pretend to ignore their broken-in-ness. But you definitely rocked the shoes, and I love the way you belted that shirt!

  2. thanks! I've been belting like everything lately? I just love those skinny belts and the little accent they give an outfit.

  3. i love those shoes, and I love open toed shoes. In the winter i forget I can wear them!!! cute blog :)

    Classic & Bubbly