March 19, 2012

sometimes ...


... Spring comes early and it makes everything better.
... It's Monday and you know at 8:00 the Voice comes on!
... You have an awesome boyfriend that cooks you yummy dinners. (I have one of those)
... You take a pattern mixing risk and it turns out to be a nice walk on the wild side.
... Going shopping proves to be a disappointment because you can't seem to find anything you're willing to spend money on.
... There is only six weeks left of your college career and you're happy and scared and maybe a little sad (that's just a little).
... Someone (me) vows to eat healthier and then realizes that she's gonna miss fast food a lot more than she thought. Stupid convenience and cheap factor.
... Even though you miss fast food you still don't give in. Yipee!


  1. love the leopard flats, girl!
    x jes

  2. I need to watch the voice. I love Blake Shelton way too much. I am also super jealous your bf can cook, we eat frozen meals most every night :)

  3. wow, your hair looks adorable! it makes me miss when i had mine cut short! :(

  4. Loved this outfit, awesome pattern mixing. And kudos for sticking with the no fast food rule! Be strong, girlie, be strong! :)

  5. Love your pattern mixing Katie! So cute. And Spring DOES make everything better :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. you look fabulous! i love the mix of prints you got goin' on. Leopard goes with anything!


  7. Love those shoes! :) You are so cute.

    <3 Leney

  8. spring came early for us too! and im loving it.