February 7, 2012

long time. no blog.


Hello! Long time no talk. I've missed you guys. Really. But, I have been super busy these past two weeks getting adjusted to being a dog-trainer extraordinaire. I would like everyone to meet - Felix, my new 4paws puppy friend. Isn't he the cutest? YES! I'm sure you will be hearing and seeing a lot more of him here at this little blog of mine. He's basically attached to my hip. But who would complain about having this adorable guy attached to their hip? Not me.

Anyway, please excuse my absence I promise I will be a better blogger girl in the future. In the mean time just enjoy the major cuteness at the top of this post. Did I mention he likes to cuddle? Awwww.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Aw. Felix is SO cute! Any excuse for not blogging that involves a dog is OK by me :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. HOW cute! what a great job!

  3. love it!


  4. what an awesome job!! so tell me....we have a 2 year old cockapoo who STILL occasionally messes in the house! She warns us only about 1/2 the time when she needs to go out and we reward her each time she does...but seriously?! 2 years old and still making occasional messes?! what do we do!?

  5. Allyce, by no means am I an expert dog trainer BUT based on what I have learned thus far you might wanna try standing outside longer each time with your puppy and possibly on a leash and when you take her out .. stand in one spot and just let her go in circles around you because she'll get used to the smells and you can say "go potty" and it triggers their mind that they need to potty. But, if she tends to go outside and not pee after you've been out for a long time try watching her really closely and keep her in the same room as you and the minute you see her start to sniff the carpet make a squealing noise to get her attention and take her out. Make going outside an exciting time. I hope this helps some :) and when you treat her after she goes treat her immediately after she goes potty don't wait until your back inside because she won't understand what you're treating her for. Good luck!