June 12, 2012

touché love, touché

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future lately and how it is exactly going to shape into it’s ‘happily ever after’ form. And with all of the recent life changes I’ve been experiencing lately I think these thoughts might be appropriate?

Boyfriend and I have been together for three solid years now. And when I say solid I mean like rock solid. But being with someone for that long present’s opportunity to take them and the relationship for granted, which I have. Until now! I recently moved back to my hometown and the boy stayed in Lexington (which isn’t that far away in all reality) but it made me realize that being able to see him everyday wasn’t a burden but a privilege.

I’ve taken some time to picture my life without him and the picture I see is not a pretty one. Actually it is downright hideous. It’s nice having someone to lean on that you always know no matter the circumstance will be there, someone that is your better half (married or not) that also stands as a best friend, someone that makes every bad day a good one just by one little hug and an ‘I love you’. Being someone’s someone … Well those are some big shoes to fill in my opinion and I have picked the best guy I know to fill those shoes in my life.

Loving and being loved is really special. I’m personally glad that love just recently kicked my little behind into gear and made me realize what on Earth I’d been missing. Evan isn’t just plain ole’ Evan. He’s Evan the guy I love, when I’m with him that is my ‘happy place’. So if I ever ask anyone to take me to my happy place now you know where to drop me off. Almost every little girl’s dream is to fall in love or to become Britney Spears (or Kristen Stewart in my case) but I think I’d pick love over that any day. So all that dreaming when I was little finally paid off and now I know what it’s like and I say touché love, you’re pretty awesome thanks for introducing me to the best guy I know.

May 2, 2012

seven questions via gentri lee

I love questionnaires just as much as the next gal so I have finally decided to join in the weekly seven questions with gentri mainly because I just really love the questions this week and I always find myself practically brain dead at the end of finals week that leads to writers block. Death to you finals week ... death!

We are supposed to post a funny photo with our questions but I just discovered this hideous attempt of my one time roommate and I rapping to none other than N'Sync. Rapping and N'Sync? Two words that should never be combined. Enjoy anyway.

Now on to questions:

1. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
I would have to say Friday, Friday, Fridayyyyy. It's a good day to end the week and I know the next day I can sleep in. That is the BEST feeling.
2. If you decided to change your name, what would you change it to?
This is really hard for me because I'm always thinking of names for pets, babies, myself, etc etc etc but I have always loved Ellen and Nora is my new favorite. Oh and Jane! See? It is a real issue.
3. What is one product you use (it can be for anything) that you feel is a miracle worker?
I cannot go a day without using my CARMEX. I have the worst problem with dry lips and no other chapstick seems to work like carmex does. It is my daily life saver for sure.
4. High heels, flats, sneakers, or boots?
Hmmm, flats! You can wear them in the Summer or Winter and in all different patterns. Now I want to go buy tons of flats.
5. You see your favorite celebrity (it can be any kind of celebrity- movie star, singer, writer, political leader, blogger) walking down the street, what do you do?
Well, I would like to think that I would calmly and rationally walk up to them and say, "Hello my name is Katie, I love you, can we be best buds?" But, I would probably turn tomato red, chicken out, try to sneak a paparazzi style picture, and run away thinking that I am way to underdressed to meet them right now. Excuses, excuses, excuses!
6. If you could pick one item to never have to pay for again, what would it be?
Dinner. Or food in general. I love to go out to eat but it is just so darn expensive these days to eat. Seriously!
7. What was your favorite tv show or movie growing up?
I clearly remember whining my way into getting to see the Lion King in theatres an abundant amount of times. I loved pretty much all the Disney Movies. And Mary-Kate & Ashley? Well, lets just say I still own majority of their movies.

April 30, 2012

life via instagram

sandals//new flower pin//cute baby grins//blog updates

new shirt//peanuts//floral shoes//handsome boyfriend

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April 26, 2012

awkward and awesome



-recently going to McDonald's drive thru, ordering, paying, and then see ya McDonald's you can keep the food and delicious sweet tea I just ordered and drove off without. no problem.

-after leaving my McDonald's behind smart and attentive little me did not notice I was without food and drink until arriving at my apartment and yes I asked my dog why she let me forget. doesn't everyone talk to their dog and expect an answer?

-seeing someone's car with a Kansas, Florida, AND UK basketball sticker. can't just pick one can ya?

-standing behind a lady in the fresh fruit smoothie line and hearing her ask if she could add hot fudge to her mixed berry smoothie. excuse me ma'am?


-possibly going to the beach. ahhh, I'm already dreaming about it.

-blogger now has spell check for posts. thank goodness, I was getting really tired of having to open word to check my spelling on words I cannot spell.

-recently I've gotten quite a few new items of clothing. new clothing really puts a pep in my step. especially spring clothes.

-college is over in t-minus 6 days. weights are slowly but surely being lifted I can feel it.

-saul's big breakfast at saul goods. had this last night. delicious. this may have added a few weights back in different places on my body.