April 26, 2012

awkward and awesome



-recently going to McDonald's drive thru, ordering, paying, and then see ya McDonald's you can keep the food and delicious sweet tea I just ordered and drove off without. no problem.

-after leaving my McDonald's behind smart and attentive little me did not notice I was without food and drink until arriving at my apartment and yes I asked my dog why she let me forget. doesn't everyone talk to their dog and expect an answer?

-seeing someone's car with a Kansas, Florida, AND UK basketball sticker. can't just pick one can ya?

-standing behind a lady in the fresh fruit smoothie line and hearing her ask if she could add hot fudge to her mixed berry smoothie. excuse me ma'am?


-possibly going to the beach. ahhh, I'm already dreaming about it.

-blogger now has spell check for posts. thank goodness, I was getting really tired of having to open word to check my spelling on words I cannot spell.

-recently I've gotten quite a few new items of clothing. new clothing really puts a pep in my step. especially spring clothes.

-college is over in t-minus 6 days. weights are slowly but surely being lifted I can feel it.

-saul's big breakfast at saul goods. had this last night. delicious. this may have added a few weights back in different places on my body.


  1. oh my goodness, I have done the exact same thing at McDonalds! I'm just not used to having to go to two windows anymore! But I actually went back...talk about awkward. "Uh yeah, I'm the person who just paid and didn't get their food..." So I feel for you.

  2. Oh noo, that stinks about your McDonalds :( I'm with you on the Blogger spell check...finally!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Haha I love awkward and awesomes! Thanks for stopping by my blog chica! And don't worry I have definitely drove right away paying and never picking up my food. Oops! I hope you went back!!!

  4. Hot Fudge in a smoothie? That's a new one! HOORAY for new clothes and almsot being done with school :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Haha, the McDonald's bit just kills me! SO funny!

  6. love awkward and awesome thursdays! can't wait to see what new clothes you snagged for spring!! i'm sure they will be adorable :)
    xo TJ