November 28, 2011

Twenty-Two Years and Counting

Some people say that age is what defines us. Rubish. Age is so restricting. You're either too young, too old, or at the ripe age of gaining the privilege but it's no longer desired because who wants to do something they're allowed to do?

I recently turned twenty-two. Yeah, I said 22. And, up until recently no one had made me actually say how old I was. It was kind of just this known fact in the back of my head. But it happened. Someone asked me and I had to say it OUT LOUD. Not that I am trying to potray twenty-two as becoming a classified senior citizen but it is just a weird age for me. Why? Well, I think it means something ... People, it makes me feel like age just isn't some ole' number anymore. I feel like becoming 22 has added a little weight to my shoulders. Ridiculous? I do not think so.

A lot of important things are coming up in my twenty second year of life. Monumental things. Things like:
1. Graduating College
2. Getting a Big Girl Job (Hopefully, fingers crossed)
3. Finding a Permanent Residence of my Own
4. The Final Twilight Movie (Not really monumental, but true)
5. Paying my own bills, bills, bills.

I would continue but I might get lightheaded.

All this happened just because some lousy person had to ask me my dag on age? I gotta get past this. Because a girl's got to much to live for only being twenty-two. That's practically a baby. Am I being convincing? No? Well, I found this picture (on pinterest) I think it's right in what it says.

Via Pinterest (Source Unknown, Lemme know if ya know)

Age really doesn't define us. I think I'll just start telling people I'm 17 again. I frequently get 13 or 14. Think that's supposed to be a compliment? Maybe when I'm 30. But, from here on out I will ignore my years and think of them as a figment of my imagination. Grow young instead of old. And, soak up my remaining youth. Because I'm announcing that age is just a number and I'm only twenty-years young.

Twenty Two Year Old Me.

November 21, 2011

Friday Night

Friday night (as promised) I went to see Breaking Dawn with my boyfriend and friends. And, while Jessica and I were the only people to 'truly' appreciate it - the movie was fabulous. Now all there is to do is wait for the last one, when is next November?

But, on another positive note the previews before the movie were loaded up with great looking movies that I would LOVE to see. I love great movies and feel that sometimes the industry is lacking but it is starting to look up which means ample amounts of my time can be spent movie watching instead of television re-runs.

One movie in particular that my friend and I were goo-goo about, The Vow, looks like a perfect and timeless romantic movie. Ya know, the kind our boyfriend/husband will be thrilled to take us too? I cannot wait.

Cheers to great movies,

Let it go


Today, I was browsing through Pinterest (like always) and came across this image. It struck me, it made me think, it made me sad and happy all at the same time. This one little picture made me do all that? Yes. It's amazing how the smallest things can do that to a girl. But, moments like those are most often the best ones.

It made me think about how holding on and not letting go to certain things in my life have hendered me from being and doing things that could have provided me with potential greatness. Whether that be my inability to take a leap of faith towards something I want, letting my shyness keep me from meeting great people, or my pickiness preventing me from finding a new favorite food. Yeah, I'm tired of that. So, we'll let this be my post to toast to 'letting things go' to taking a deep breath and realizing that it'll be OK.

I quite possibly need this image blown up and hung by my future someday front door. Good idea. I hope this simple picture can help you find something meaningful today as well.

Happy Monday,

November 17, 2011

Dilemma of the Day.

Hello All. Up until recently I have been (kind of) OK with the fact that my accessory bank has been low. Well, empty rather. But things have changed. That, my friends, brings us to my dilemma for today. Katie is ready to add a little 'frosting' to her wrist through the means of a watch. I've become a little bit obsessed with this idea and am now determined to pester someone enough into buying me one for christmas. And, since Christmas is a hop, jump, and skip away my times a ticking away to make a decision. I NEED HELP!

Kendi, from Kendi Everyday, is to blame for me wanting a watch. She has one that pops up from time to time in many of her blog posts. It's fantastic. It is the perfect touch to some of her outfits (in my opinion). She styles herself impecibly.

Both images are courtesy of Kendi Everyday. See what I mean? She's great and so is that watch.

A watch is like a multi-tasker in the accessory world. It can tell time AND provides its owner with a little bit of spice to her (or his) ensemble of the day. I've been doing my research but it is SO hard for me to commit, to anything. I'm always afraid I'm going to make the wrong decision and then end up kicking my hind end about it later, ya know? With that being said here are some that have recently caught my eye ...

Images Via Fossil Website

So, as you can see although they are similar shape the color and all that is completely different. Can't I have them all? Probably not, but a girl can dream. Therefore, you can see why I need assistance. Any comments, suggestions, yes's or no's will be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

Can't wait to hear from you,

November 16, 2011

What's Underneath the Blog Posts?

I have officially decided that I have not provided anyone with adequate or interesting (if you want to call it that) information about me. I mean, yeah I told ya I go to UK and love pictures, music, and movies and junk but nothing actually personal. So, due to my failure to enlighten you, I have decided to do that .... now. How? Well, I am going to attempt and yes, I mean attempt to come up with at least 20 things about me that you may find interesting.

me and my boyfried (Evan)

Here I go ...
1. I am blonde (as you can see, I know) BUT I have recently decided that I want to take a dive off the deep end and go ... darker/browner.
2. I am a proud member of the University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Bandwagon. GO CATS!
3. Becoming a wedding photographer (a good and recognized one) someday would be my absolute dream job.
4. 100% Dog Lover. I don't know why but cats make me uncomfortable.
5. I have a deep appreciation for the friends I have because so many of them have come and gone over the years.
6. Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Stewart are my current style icons. Total different ends of the style spectrum ... right?
7. Having alone time is something I have always treasured. Everyone needs it sometimes .. but, when I don't feel like being alone I love spending time with Evan (my boyfriend) he's pretty special.
8. I do not like going a day without checking People Magazine and US Magazine's websites. (Yes, I read that junk)
9. I don't really know how to cook but I wish I did.
10. I'm a picky eater and wish I wasn't (sometimes)
11. After college I totally intend on revamping my wardrobe in hopes of developing a more stationary style for myself.
12. Traveling abroad someday would be ideal. Greece? Italy? Rome? YES, please.
13. I'm so grateful to have grown up in Kentucky. It's a great place to be.
14. I love laying in bed, watching movies.
15. If given the choice on what to eat, I most often will choose chicken, or chicken, or maybe even chicken.
16. I consider myself an amateur at 'arranging' flowers. It's fun! I wish I had a reason to do it more.
17. The cold .. YUCK.
18. Going on vacation is fantastic. I even love airports.
19. I enjoy reading blogs, they positively effects my procrastinating skills (So does Pinterest).
20. I wish I looked decent with longer hair ... I don't though. Bummer!

I hope this helps you 'get to know me' a little better. Feel free to leave me your thoughts, emotions, or a little something so I can get to know you too.

After while crocodile's

November 15, 2011

Bite Me

Via: Twilight Fan Page

Everyone, this week is a HUGE week for me. Why? Because, this Friday, November 18, 2011, Twilight Breaking Dawn (Part I) premieres. Yes, my overly childlike excitement may be extreme for some (not me, but maybe you) but I simply do not care. To be perfectly blunt.

I have always been addicted to movies. But for me, Twilight is just the cherry on top of my sundae. For some reason I cannot get enough of these movies so the fact that I soon will have a new one to add to my collection makes me wanna, well ... jump for outright joy?

When it first came out I really didn't jump on the bandwagon at first but my attributed infatuation all began when my good friend, Jessica, introduced me. Therefore one can credit her for any annoyance I cause in this department. To me though, movies are a venue to leave the often stress and combobulation (hope I spelled that one right) of that thing we call life. There is not a more perfect day to me than laying in bed with all of my favorite movies.

So, from me to Jessica: GOD BLESS YOU for making me the addict that I am.

I have been counting down and blabbing about this movie for weeks now, practically driving my boyfriend insane but if you are also a fan you completely understand where I am coming from. I CANNOT WAIT!!! I am going to see it on Friday and will keep you posted on how it went (as if it could go badly) But, it will at least give me a reason to go on and on about it one more time until Part II.

Catch ya later.

And, we FINALLY meet.

Hello, my fellow bloggers. I am finally up and running. Heavy emphasis on the finally. Blogging, thus far, has been kinda difficult and this is only my first post ;) I previously believed that I was technologically inclined but when it comes to blogger inclined is also known as 'challenged.' Although, I am getting past (most) of the challenges and am excited to get started ... I hope you enjoy!