June 12, 2012

touché love, touché

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future lately and how it is exactly going to shape into it’s ‘happily ever after’ form. And with all of the recent life changes I’ve been experiencing lately I think these thoughts might be appropriate?

Boyfriend and I have been together for three solid years now. And when I say solid I mean like rock solid. But being with someone for that long present’s opportunity to take them and the relationship for granted, which I have. Until now! I recently moved back to my hometown and the boy stayed in Lexington (which isn’t that far away in all reality) but it made me realize that being able to see him everyday wasn’t a burden but a privilege.

I’ve taken some time to picture my life without him and the picture I see is not a pretty one. Actually it is downright hideous. It’s nice having someone to lean on that you always know no matter the circumstance will be there, someone that is your better half (married or not) that also stands as a best friend, someone that makes every bad day a good one just by one little hug and an ‘I love you’. Being someone’s someone … Well those are some big shoes to fill in my opinion and I have picked the best guy I know to fill those shoes in my life.

Loving and being loved is really special. I’m personally glad that love just recently kicked my little behind into gear and made me realize what on Earth I’d been missing. Evan isn’t just plain ole’ Evan. He’s Evan the guy I love, when I’m with him that is my ‘happy place’. So if I ever ask anyone to take me to my happy place now you know where to drop me off. Almost every little girl’s dream is to fall in love or to become Britney Spears (or Kristen Stewart in my case) but I think I’d pick love over that any day. So all that dreaming when I was little finally paid off and now I know what it’s like and I say touché love, you’re pretty awesome thanks for introducing me to the best guy I know.