December 29, 2011

some mixing of patterns


Yesterday was pattern mixing, ladies and gents. And, I have got one thing to say about that: IT.WAS.HARD! I have never pattern mixed. Never even thought about it. But after all this I think I will start shopping with the thought of mixing patterns in mind. I found myself asking many questions outloud to myself when mixing. Things like should I do same pattern but different color or size? Or should I do two different patterns but in the same color? Should I go bold or stay neutral? Two patterned shirts or a skirt and a shirt? It was exhausting.


Now, I have got a nice collection of clothes but this challenge (literally) has led me to the conclusion that my wardrobe is seriously lacking in pattern. I am one solid kinda girl. This lady had to go digging through bags of clothes that were being stored in the 'extra' room in my momma's house just to create this outfit. But, being the optimist that I try to be I finally told myself, "Katie, this will look good" and since that didn't convince me I sent a picture to Jessica and she said, "Oh, that's gonna work" which is how my final outfit came to be. I am crossing my fingers that you think it looks good/works as well.

Normally, I would not go to my closet and think - oh, this striped shirt and zebra cardigan is going to make one heac of a outfit. But for the sake of this challenge I gave it a whirl ... and, LIKED IT. I read a tutorial over at the Unusual Form blog and it helped me gather some vision as to which direction I should take when mixing my patterns. I believe that this time my mix was pretty subtle but it was my first time. Next time, my goal is to be a little more risky and maybe even add a pop of color like Jessica did with her red shoes. She is slowly becoming a pattern mixing pro so be sure to go over and take a look at her twist on this StyleBuster.


I'm not sure if I have mentioned this yet but we have been wearing all of these outfits to work each day and squeezing our pictures in at lunch. So, you better believe we have received some looks and questions from quite a few of our co-workers that are stuck in the 90's. Yes, that means they do not pattern mix and probably think we are loco crazy for participating in such an act. We do not care, though. We are guilty pattern mixers, and everyone else should be too.


Now, as a little extra to yesterday's shoot we had a little visitor at our office that we named (one-eyed) Jack. Poor guy only had one eye. But he sure was one cute and cuddly visitor and very photogenic if I do say so myself. And, I'm very forgetful most often and haven't told you all that Jessica takes all my pictures. She's one talented lady and even helps me with posing. Such a good friend. Even though I already mentioned this don't forget to go check out her blog and see which patterns she mixed today - there will be no disappoint there. Promise!

And, don't forget that if you do any pattern mixing of your own link up with us and show us what ya got. We can't wait to see it!



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  1. You look really great! And your puppy makes this post SO adorable!!


  2. Aww, thank you so much :) And, he is adorable isn't he?? Puppies always make everything much more adorable, I think.

  3. Great work hun!

  4. Well you already know my opinion, but I think you were a pattern mixing genius with this one. Zebra print + stripes is definitely a twist I never thought about but it worked perfectly! And I am so with you, this morning I was browsing some online shopping and found myself thinking, "Hmm, I think I could mix that pattern with {blank} pattern."

    And look at that cutie-patootie in the last picture! He will be missed but I'm glad he has a good home now! :)

  5. I know it! Now everytime I go shopping I'll be wanting to mix but there is nothing wrong with that. At least (most) of the time my outfit will be different than everyone else's I'm around.

  6. So so cute!!! Zebra and stripes is ever so nice!!! Lol
    Your exhaustion was worth it!!