December 28, 2011

ladies in red


Red is such a sassy, bold, and must have color. I used to not utilize it as I should. And, it looks good on most people because of the many variety of shades. This is precisely why Jessica and I chose to do this for our second StyleBuster.

I am a newbie in the red-lips club and I must admit I am still getting warmed up and attempting to find the perfect shade for me and my pale skin. But, I love this trend to much not to at least try to embrace it. I think it adds a sense of elegance and sass to an outfit/person when used properly - red lipstick is like magic in a tube. Although, I think anything red can do this for a lady. It provides a sense of confidence. Whether that be in a piece of clothing, lips, nails, shoes, etc. etc. etc. You wanna stand out? Go and get your red girls.


Jessica, my StyleBuster partner in crime, took her own spin on the 'ladies in red' challenge so go over and take a look at her red shoes.

And, if you're a lady in red we would love to see your take on this. SO, link up with us. Don't be shy!

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  1. Idk if have the guts to do red lip stick. Any makeup at all is a bit scary to say the least. :) Great job!

  2. I definitely think you are embracing it well. It definitely seems like a risk to try something bold and new at first, but in the end its definitely worth the risk.

  3. Thanks so much! It is definitely scary, but most often worth it.

  4. I didn't know if I had the guts either. But, I just had to take the dive. You should give it a go you might be surprised.

    Thanks for all your sweet comments.