December 8, 2011

awkward & awesome thursday

I got this crazy idea for a post from Jessica Chronicled, Mr. Taylor and his lady, annnnd The Daybook. Three fabulous blogs with three fabulous bloggers! Anyway, I saw what they did. Liked it. So now I am giving it a go with my awkward and awesome moments.

-the fact that my roommates think it's a good plan to set the heat at 74 degrees. talk about a girl breakin' a sweat sittin' down.
-after taking the dive to get my eyebrows waxed they have become the two most weird growing eyebrows I know. Once you go wax you never (can) go back.
-me trying to 'keep up' with my boyfriend while walking to and from class. he's walking at a glacial pace and I'm practically at a jog.
-I am wearing sandals to work because bright eyes (me) left all of my work shoes at my mom's humble abode.
-Kroger on the first Wednesday of the month. Senior Citizens Day. Gahhh.

-it's dead week. the week before finals. meaning, in short, that my LAST fall semester of college is coming to a close.
-the project that I am doing with this lady.
-the CATS beat UNC. if you watched the game you understand why that's amazing.
-my sweet dad took me (and, Evan) to Malone's last Friday. talk about delicious.
-And, last but certainly not least, I am beyond ecstatic that I have new followers :) that IS awesome.

I hope your alls Thursday is awkward AND awesome,



  1. I love awkward and awesome Thursdays!
    I can just picture you trying to keep up with Evan, haha.
    Annnd. We actually love senior citizens day at Kroger. We wait until about 9pm to go, it's almost empty and we can do a one hour trip in 30 minutes PLUS I still have my mom/grandmothers Kroger card. 10% discount! Score! haha

  2. Eyebrow waxing... yes :) It's a funny shift they those hairy little guys take on after you've taken the plunge into the world of waxing.
    You know, I've never done an Awkward and Awesome post... hmmm. Maybe I'll try it out one of these days!
    enjoyed yours!

  3. Happy wife, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) It's a pretty fun post to do. Waxing is a blessing but a burden at the same time.

    Can't wait to read yours if you give it a go.

    Jess - I wish I had a 'grandma' Kroger card haha. And, walking with Evan is one extreme workout. I'm normally out of breath!