December 28, 2011

happy wednesday

I have just recently realized that I have never properly introduced you all to two of my best guys. Yes, I introduced you to why I love my favorite guy down here but he is not the only guy in my life. Shhh. Don't tell him though.

Therefore, today in order to wish you a happy wednesday I will formally introduce you to Brodie and Frankie. Ready? Here they are.

Frank is the one in the sunglasses

You thought they were 'real' guys didn't ya? No. Of course not! Sometimes I find that I get along much better with these two than anyone else. Maybe it's because most of the time they don't talk back. I am NOT a crazy dog lady but I don't think I've ever met one that I do not l.o.v.e and fear the day I get my own because I know I'll want to have at least 26? Maybe more. They can always make my day better so I hope just looking at them can make yours better as well.

And, since this IS my second post today I'll keep it short and sweet and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Happy Wednesday y'all,



  1. PLUS they're so darn cute. :)
    Dogs to make days better. Whenever Ryan's dog Tank was staying at our house, it just made my heart melt when he would be at the fence watching me leave and then waiting there when I got home. They're just the best!

  2. ohmyblazingstars. . . . little tiny puppy is to die for adorable. wowowow. i think my mama would love a dog like that. and that's really sayin' something. :)


  3. What little cuties!! Love the glasses on Frank :D Happy New Year to you and your little guys!

  4. I know they are SO cute! It's nice to always to have their sweet faces so happy to see you when you get home. Makes everything bad that happened that day just kinda disappear for a little bit.

    Thank God for our puppies.

  5. Thank you! My momma loves him to pieces. He is a shih tzu if you would like to butter her up into getting one. They come in all kinds of colors and are the best cuddle buddies.

    And, that's as big as he's gonna get. Perfect little puppy if I do say so myself. Spoiled rotten!

  6. Thank you so much! Happy New Year to you as well :)