December 21, 2011

christmas is sunday?

I give looks like these often. I should dedicate a post just to the many looks of Katie.

Hello all from my cozy cubicle at the absolute BEST place to work. Sense the sarcasm? If you don't it's there. I can absolutely not believe that Christmas is like, tomorrow? Or so it seems. I am not even finished shopping ... yikes and shame on me. This is not normal for me. I am normally well prepared for this holiday because it is my FAVORITE!

What's yours?

Being a broke college student does not help my case at all. I just don't have enough money to buy for all the people I desire. Such a drag being young and poor (concerning that green paper) in other aspects I am as rich as can be.

I figure that this time of year is just full of family traditions and my family sure has our 'regular' activities. I have a LOT of places to go around this time of year. Having divorced parents doubles the christmas gatherings .. and being a girlfriend adds a couple more stops. My christmas dinner locations is up to five these days. Lots of room for tradition here people.

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Here are some of my favorites:

1. Having dinner Christmas Eve just momma fisher, kyle (my brother), me, and Brodie (puppy).
2. My brother and I exchanging gifts Christmas Eve. It's a special time for us.
3. Playing catch phrase at my aunt's house for HOURS upon hours. That game can be pure addicting.
4. Spending Christmas evening at my daddio's opening gifts. I am pretty much my dad made over (most of the time) so it's nice spending time with my twin.
5. Being in a food coma. Christmas and Thanksgiving present these opportunities for me.
6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the real one), The Santa Clause, and The Santa Clause II.
7. Wearing a completely new outfit from head to toe on Christmas. That is my personal tradition.
8. Spending QT time with boyfriend. He is normally in the college town and I'm home during our holiday break. I miss him.
9. Being lazy. I do that all the time though.
10. Watching all the guys in my family freeze their tooshes off while either playing basketball of football. Sports fanatics over here.

What are some of your alls favorite traditions? I would love to hear about them.
Happy couple days before Christmas,



  1. They seriously play basketball and football outside? They are crazy, but awesome! Have a great holiday!

  2. Yes, they do! And yes they are nuts. I just watch from the window where it is nice and warm.

    Happy Holidays to you as well :)