December 2, 2011

To you, Love me.

I'm the kinda girl that would love to live vicariously through some dramatic and romantic love story.Impossible. I'm willing to write my own though. AND, share it with you today. So far it is two years and some nickels and pennies long. My relationship with him has become one of my most valued (of course).

here we are when it all started

Normally they say that opposites attract. And, I've never really understood that? Call me crazy but I don't wanna be with someone who disagrees with everything I agree with. But, I also don't want someone who has no mind of their own. Well, I guess I got my wish. Because he definitely has a mind of his own and most of the time agrees but often disagrees with me as well.


The best way for me to describe my relationship with him is thankful. Absolutely thankful. Why? Well ...

1. He supports me.
2. He loves me. Plain and Simple.
3. He allows me to be me. My weird, opinionated, and rambling self.
4. He gives me honest opinions even if it is not what I want to hear.
5. He pushes me to try new things.
6. He treasures family (and pets) as much as I do.
7. He makes me feel protected.
8. He will watch girly movies with me. Sometimes.
9. He listens.
10. He's my boyfriend but also my friend.
11. He can talk to me for hours sometimes about nothing and everything.
12. He has goals for himself and his life.
13. He can cook. I can't. So, it's something to be thankful for.
14. He is outgoing.
15. He is loved by my family. They approve. Go me! They're also hard to please ;)

Via Pinterest. Source unknown unless someone can tell me.

At this point I don't know what I would do without him. He's that special and loved. So, this post is for him because of all of the things he's done and will do for me. It is a great feeling to know that the person you love feels the same way. And, for all of you that have that person in your life I'm sure ya know what I'm talking about. Therefore, let's give thanks to that person in our lives who always seem to make everything better even in the worst of times.

"Here's to Evan" - Me

With Love,



  1. aw, just the sweetest post ever! here's to many more years together ;)
    xo TJ

  2. I love this post (I'm sure Evan does, too, haha). You guys really are so perfect for each other, you can just look at the two of you and tell. That last picture of him is really good!

  3. thank you! (and, he did). that last picture of my 'instagram' app on my phone. it's nifty.