December 14, 2011

an ode' to pictures

Hello! It is now POST finals week (for me at least). I am currently sitting somewhere in between cloud nine and the twilight zone. Talk about one draining week and some change. And, since I am so brain-dead, I feel like getting a little picture sentimental with you guys.

Pictures are important. I unfortunately do not take very many anymore. And for that I am disappointed in myself. After I slap myself on the wrist for that for the 123,879,345 time I'm going to start capturing my favorite moments once again.

Sometimes I get in the mood to take a walk or mild jog down memory lane and flip through ALL of my pictures from high school, prom, summers past, and the first few semesters of my college career. Guess what? I am in the mood. Going through all of these makes me miss my past but treasure my present and dream of my future. Do your pictures do this to you? I'm filled with emotions ... bubbling over, actually.

Brace yourselves for this picture montage of my past and present life. Ready? Alright! Feast your eyes on these.

I hope you lovelies were in the mood for some picture lookin'. If not, well, I hope you liked them anyway. Maybe it inspired you to go back and browse through years past.

Until next time. Enjoy!


  1. It inspires me to go back.
    But unlike some people, I still have finals to finish! :)

    I love your prom dress!

  2. Ohhh you are so pretty! I LOVE love love looking through old photos! It makes me miss some memories and realize I'm so old now! Ha. Okay I'm not that old but you know looking back brings back the good ole days with less responsibility lol.

  3. SO many pretty pictures. Looking through old photos is one of my most favorite things to do! ;)

    You are so pretty! xx