December 30, 2011

tights. they make a statement.

dot tights1

Tights picture via Banana Republic

It is now day four of our StyleBusters and our feature of the day is statement tights. I have fallen in tights love. When I was younger I absolutely refused to put any kind of tights on. I thought they were itchy? But now any opportunity I get I wear them. To me, it gives us ladies an excuse to wear skirts and dresses all year long. So thank God for tights. Especially ones that make a statement. Tights can spice up your outfit and give it a little quirky twist but still look professional; this is important in my case since I'm wearing them to work. But, nonetheless they make me feel cute, sassy, and sophisticated. Plus, Joan Rivers (from fashion police) put her stamp of approval on this trend. Naturally, if Joan Rivers says it is A-OKAY then it definitely is. So, don't be scared.

I politely asked my mom to get me some patterned tights for Christmas this year and she came through with two pairs! Now she did not get me any colored ones but you can get your fill of those over at Jessica's blog. She was pretty in pink. I on the other hand was dot dot dotted up in now my favorite tights from Banana Republic. I apologize that you can't really see their cuteness in any of my pictures. The dots are teenie tiny. But, I provided you with the picture and link to where I got them so you can get a better idea.

Yesterday made the SECOND time this week that I wore these tights. I love them that much! But, the tights aren't my only new somethin' somethin's in this post. I also got some new shoes. You may be familiar with them if you have read this girls blog. I love em'. Wearing new tights and shoes made for a pretty fabulous day.


This shoot was our most dangerous to date. I bravely parked my car in a turning lane (emergency flashers on) just so Jessica and I could have a change of scenery. Plenty of people drove by our location and we got some stares towards us and my choice or parking spot. But, it was worth it. I think? The wind was also out of control yesterday. So, no my hair does not normally look like that, the wind helped create that catastrophe.

Now, don't forget to link up with us and show us your tights that make a statement. Whether they're striped, dotted, blue, yellow, multi-colored, or tiger print. We wanna see em'. Pretty please!

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  1. Yes, this one was quite an eventful endeavor. But an experience of any kind is always good. I concur with your tights obsession, I feel like wearing them every day! And it also coinsides with my skirt/dress fetish. YAY!

  2. Amen for tights! Seriously em, and love the ones you are wearing. Patterned tights are my cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Funny how most little girls hate tights and yet when we're older, we love them! Your outfit is fabulous!

  4. skirts and dresses are awesome. to bad everyone thinks so otherwise we could've done a StyleBuster!

  5. thank you so much :) and, I know it. Don't tell our mothers I'd hate for them to realize they were right all along that tights are our friends =)

  6. Mr. Taylor and his LadyDecember 30, 2011 at 4:35 PM

    you are too cute girl! and tights are definitely a statement maker. adore all of this!!
    xo TJ

  7. These tights are adorable! It doesn't help that you are so beautiful!

  8. srsly think i need some tights in my wardrobe. i have been thinking about it for a long time but when i get my spending money for the week, it's gone before i get to the store. not really, but kinda. :)

    happy happy new year.

  9. Cute! I love tights and pretty much wear them whenever I can in the cold months.

  10. they are sometimes easy to forget because there such a small item but they sure can do wonders for an outfit. my money tends to come and go quickly as well, so I can totally understand that.

  11. love these textured tights! though i always have to wear something a bit thicker in ny. i'd freeze my tush off.

  12. Just stumbled upon your blog. This skirt is so cute, and even cuter paired with the textured tights!


  13. you are SO right! I've been to NY so I know how cold it can get. You would definitely need to have a thicker tight.