November 28, 2011

Twenty-Two Years and Counting

Some people say that age is what defines us. Rubish. Age is so restricting. You're either too young, too old, or at the ripe age of gaining the privilege but it's no longer desired because who wants to do something they're allowed to do?

I recently turned twenty-two. Yeah, I said 22. And, up until recently no one had made me actually say how old I was. It was kind of just this known fact in the back of my head. But it happened. Someone asked me and I had to say it OUT LOUD. Not that I am trying to potray twenty-two as becoming a classified senior citizen but it is just a weird age for me. Why? Well, I think it means something ... People, it makes me feel like age just isn't some ole' number anymore. I feel like becoming 22 has added a little weight to my shoulders. Ridiculous? I do not think so.

A lot of important things are coming up in my twenty second year of life. Monumental things. Things like:
1. Graduating College
2. Getting a Big Girl Job (Hopefully, fingers crossed)
3. Finding a Permanent Residence of my Own
4. The Final Twilight Movie (Not really monumental, but true)
5. Paying my own bills, bills, bills.

I would continue but I might get lightheaded.

All this happened just because some lousy person had to ask me my dag on age? I gotta get past this. Because a girl's got to much to live for only being twenty-two. That's practically a baby. Am I being convincing? No? Well, I found this picture (on pinterest) I think it's right in what it says.

Via Pinterest (Source Unknown, Lemme know if ya know)

Age really doesn't define us. I think I'll just start telling people I'm 17 again. I frequently get 13 or 14. Think that's supposed to be a compliment? Maybe when I'm 30. But, from here on out I will ignore my years and think of them as a figment of my imagination. Grow young instead of old. And, soak up my remaining youth. Because I'm announcing that age is just a number and I'm only twenty-years young.

Twenty Two Year Old Me.


  1. Haha, I love that little girl picture of you! I know you don't want to hear this, but you haven't changed (me either, though).

    You're completely right about the age thing. I even get timid whenever I have to tell someone I'm 21 because I know their reaction is something along the lines of "OMG! You look like you're 15 years old." But like you said, my 30 year old self will appreciate those 'compliments' as they may be called.

    This truly is SUCH a big year. So many changes. But changes are sometimes good, they remind us we're alive. Honestly, I'm just ready for you to get married and then pregenant because I really want to throw someone a baby shower thanks to all the ideas on Pinterest. Not rushing you though. haha.

  2. Katie, you crack me up! but this is so true! i hate it when someone asks me my age and i have to seriously think what my age is, i don't really pay attention to it that much anymore, although recently i have been fearing 20. but for real i don't think it will feel that much different than 19. but anyways, cute post!