November 21, 2011

Let it go


Today, I was browsing through Pinterest (like always) and came across this image. It struck me, it made me think, it made me sad and happy all at the same time. This one little picture made me do all that? Yes. It's amazing how the smallest things can do that to a girl. But, moments like those are most often the best ones.

It made me think about how holding on and not letting go to certain things in my life have hendered me from being and doing things that could have provided me with potential greatness. Whether that be my inability to take a leap of faith towards something I want, letting my shyness keep me from meeting great people, or my pickiness preventing me from finding a new favorite food. Yeah, I'm tired of that. So, we'll let this be my post to toast to 'letting things go' to taking a deep breath and realizing that it'll be OK.

I quite possibly need this image blown up and hung by my future someday front door. Good idea. I hope this simple picture can help you find something meaningful today as well.

Happy Monday,


  1. That IS a really inspring little image. And inspiring words from you! It's so true. I wonder how many things I've missed out because I couldn't let something go.

    Beautiful post, girl.

  2. thank you friend :) I just fell in love with that little balloon and phrase.