November 15, 2011

Bite Me

Via: Twilight Fan Page

Everyone, this week is a HUGE week for me. Why? Because, this Friday, November 18, 2011, Twilight Breaking Dawn (Part I) premieres. Yes, my overly childlike excitement may be extreme for some (not me, but maybe you) but I simply do not care. To be perfectly blunt.

I have always been addicted to movies. But for me, Twilight is just the cherry on top of my sundae. For some reason I cannot get enough of these movies so the fact that I soon will have a new one to add to my collection makes me wanna, well ... jump for outright joy?

When it first came out I really didn't jump on the bandwagon at first but my attributed infatuation all began when my good friend, Jessica, introduced me. Therefore one can credit her for any annoyance I cause in this department. To me though, movies are a venue to leave the often stress and combobulation (hope I spelled that one right) of that thing we call life. There is not a more perfect day to me than laying in bed with all of my favorite movies.

So, from me to Jessica: GOD BLESS YOU for making me the addict that I am.

I have been counting down and blabbing about this movie for weeks now, practically driving my boyfriend insane but if you are also a fan you completely understand where I am coming from. I CANNOT WAIT!!! I am going to see it on Friday and will keep you posted on how it went (as if it could go badly) But, it will at least give me a reason to go on and on about it one more time until Part II.

Catch ya later.


  1. I never got into Twilight, but I can relate to the excitement you describe and I;m happy for you!

  2. Thank you for your comment :) and, I'm so glad you can relate even if you aren't a twilight fan ...


  3. SO, I got you addicted to the Twilight saga, then to Pinterest, and now you're blogging. I am SUCH a good friend! haha


  4. i'm seirously so excited for the premiere you have no idea!!!
    I think every girl is deep down, there not just admitting it! :)


  5. Jess - I did not realize how many things you have been successful at getting me addicted too. I need to hang out with you more ;)

    Kait H - You are so RIGHT! Because, in reality what girl wouldn't want to spend their night with Edward Cullen and Jacob Black?

    Thank you guys for the comments :)