December 6, 2011

music to my soul

Life is sometimes really hard. And, sometimes it seems like nothing is going to make it better. We have days where talking to someone just isn't in the cards because the last nerve has already been danced on. So, what makes it better?


Ya think that's a bold statement? Me too. Quite possibly a very true statement. Right? The capabilities of music are to infinity and beyond. We ask, and it answers. I think music can bring us together. There is music for everyone. No matter who you are.


Music, in itself, can bring out the happiness, pain, sadness, regret, love, forgiveness, ambitions, triumph, inspiration, silence, focus, imagination and ability in all of us. Sometimes I wish I had unlimited gas for my car to drive with only the purpose of driving and listening to music. No worries. Just the music.

both images via Pinterest. Sources Unknown.

I have been working on a little project for myself. I am an avid listener of Pandora. You should check it out!And, it has inspired to me to compile a list of my favorite songs to make up my 'ultimate playlist'. I'm sure you have noticed a little extra noise that has been added to my blog. Well, I have added my list up to this point for your listening pleasure.

I would love to know which songs make up your ultimate playlist as well. Share with me.


  1. music totally makes everything better. loving your blog.

    Ask the Duplex

  2. I totally relate to this! Music can seriously change your mood 360! I love it, but sometimes I hate it for making me feel things I don't want too haha if that makes any sense?!

  3. Your playlist on your blog is awesome! I am with you 100% on the music level! Great blog!

    Consider me a new follower! Hope you would be able to follow back.

  4. Love it. As always. And of course so are so right. I'm a firm believer that music changes lives! I saw a quote on Pinterest that said something like "I love it when a song comes on the radio that just completely fits my situation" and that is so true! Music intensifies emotions. :)

  5. Monica & Whitney - Thank you so much!

    Alycia - That totally makes sense. Sometimes I'll be in a good mood then hear the sadest song and it completely changes me. But, it is still amazing how a song/lyrics can do that to a person.

    Whit - I'm glad we are on the same musical page. Thank you for becoming a follower :) I am now one of yours as well!

    Jess - Thanks :) And, I've seen that quote as well and love that it happens more often than not.