January 3, 2012

metallic is in. on your nails.


Greetings from 2012. I hope you all had a happy and blessed New Year. Grandma here had a relaxing night with boyfriend while dogsitting. The more you get to know me the more you'll realize I'm a homebody and love nothing more than cuddling with that boy I love watching movies. Those are the best times. Take my word!

But, since we are back from our long (but too short) vacation from reality and work it is time to get back to StyleBusters. I know you're excited. Today is metallic nails day and boy am I glad we scheduled this before New Years. I didn't have to repaint my nails [we take the pictures the day before we post, fyi]. I think this trend is young, trendy, sophisticated, and chic.

I chose silver. And, that nail polish was courtesy of Jessica via her Christmas present to mwah. I love it! I have always been a silver kinda girl even though gold is starting to grow on me but only in moderation. It kinda scares me a little? But Jessica on the other hand embraces her gold and is sporting that as her nail color over here - check it out.

Metallic nails are a great way to start of 2012. They're fun and glittery. And, it is definitely a nice and appreciated change from the ol' boring pinks, reds, oranges, blah blah blah normal normal normal. I'm all for embracing change this year and daring nail colors is on my list. You should embrace it as well and link up with Jessica and I using the little link button at the bottom on this post. We don't bite [most of the time].


P.S If any of you are considering visiting Kentucky anytime soon you should definitely add Midway to your lists of stops. It's a teeny tiny little town in between Frankfort and Lexington filled with lots of small town charm. Jessica and I took pictures there last Friday and now I'm dying to go back and take more plus spend more time there. It's the cutest place.

P.S.S This morning I figured out that Aarean over at the Color Issue is treating one of her lucky followers to a free blog design in celebration of the new year. You should most definitely check that and her awesome blog out to get the chance to win a free blog design. And man can that girl design a blog. Head on over and check it out, today!

Happy 2012 y'all

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  1. Love those nails! I have sparkly polish on too left over form NYE :)


  2. Thank you! Aren't they great? I hope you had a fabulous New Years.

  3. I love the silver sparkle. And it goes quite nicely with that gorgeous silver watch!

  4. thanks so much! I'm so glad you decided to give it to me as a gift. I mucho love it.

  5. I'm a silver girl myself as well, and a big fan of sparkly things! Can't wait to see the other upcoming style busters :)


  6. Love the silver nails! And your striped top....so cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. this outfit it WHOA WHOA WHOA!!



  8. j'adore nail polish! Back in August I wore this gorgeous, fun, vibrant yellow nail polish. It was awesome cause it totally made me feel super flirty and bold and unstoppable. BUT, then when I went to remove it that darn nail polish stained my nails yellow!! Gross! Well, that little mishap forced me to always wear nail polish, and now I'm in the wonderful habit of always having nail polish on. For all the nail polish that I have explored, it is a wonder I haven't tried metallics yet. Shame on me. Love the silver here, though I think I'm with your friend in that I love gold so much, I might just try that first.

  9. AH, thank you so so much :) I had never paired this stuff before and decided to give it a whirl.

  10. I have experienced colors that stain my nails too. Ya just gotta kinda live with ugly nails for a couple days and it eventually fades away. I hate that it does that though. And, I wish I was more prone to gold because it looks so great on some people. I'm going to have to start becoming more open to it because silver is so safe.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Hey Katie!! I just popped over via Jessica's blog! Loving your nails!! And the stripes and fab watch!! Happy New Year! xx Natalie

  12. Thanks so much Natalie! Happy New Year to you as well :)

  13. See, red is pretty daring for me. I always go with pink, never red, so I was feeling pretty daring when I gave it a try a week or two ago! I'm kind of a metallic nail fan, actually, they are my favorites, but I'm really loving a flat gray lately too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, I'm enjoying reading yours!

  14. Just discovered your blog today...you are adorable!

    Courtney Lane

  15. I always feel like an alien when I have metallic nail polish, but you pull it off so wonderfully! Also, that ring you're wearing looks adorable.


  16. I really like the flat gray look as well but I haven't got a chance to try it out yet. Red is kinda daring if you don't do it a lot. It took me forever to want to wear red anything! It is definitely a bold color to try out. But, now that I have I love it.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog. I enjoyed yours as well :)

  17. thanks! the ring was actually made by one of my friends she has an etsy shop and makes all kinds of them .. earrings too. very cute stuff.

  18. LOVE this outfit! especially the nails. so cute!

  19. Seriously! I love your style! Not only do your nails look amazing (I need some of that metallic nail polish), but your outfit it too cute! I LOVE stripes!


  20. aw, thanks so much :) you should definitely try out the metallic. it's GREAT! I really love stripes as well.

    thanks for stopping by Bailey.